Q1 2024 // PNF Transparency Report & Accounts

Hey DAO members,

Please view the POKT Foundation’s Q1 '24 Quarterly Transparency Report and the Foundation’s Accounts for Q1 .

And as a bonus, we did a Keystones review last week with some good/bad/improvement whiteboarding. If anyone wants to see what we think and where we’re heading, pop on over to the miro.

I sincerely apologize for the slow post this quarter - we’ve updated some systems this quarter and were ironing out that process (along with me getting an untimely dose of COVID) which delayed us. Next quarter I’ll make sure it’s early to even it out.

As always, we thank you for your feedback and support in shaping the future of POKT.


Update - we’re double checking some numbers and once those are confirmed (~24 hours) we will be able to post!

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Posting to bump the thread. The report + accounts are updated for q1 2024. If y’all have any questions or concerns, drop them in the thread below. Thanks!