Proposal: AIR-POKT Brand building and AppDev recruitement

I would absolutely love to make a significant difference here, by providing vital assistance to PN as to research and develop a viable schedule of industry meetups, devCons, Blockchain conferences, etc.

I propose to volunteer to do this work towards the goal of achieving a much higher diversity in relay sources.

Some events it would be best to fly to them, AIR-POKT.
It may prove very valuable to take multiple legged flights which saves money, yet ads value for me and my proximity to possible clients while in the air.

Looking at a loop that I can do as many as 6 or maybe more over the next 4 months. Is there another of you who would like to partner up with me on this? Otherwise I have a Blonde swedish girl who is glad to assist. (need to confirm, but yeah)

I am a natural born salesman.

My first sales job was selling Cutco cutlery door to door. My first month I was awarded a trophy at the regional dinner for highest sales across Eastern PA and New Jersey. $18,000+ my first month. (1990 dollars)
These knives are guaranteed forever.

When It is a product I fully believe in, I am absolutely unstoppable and will close 90% or more leads to deals. Elevator pitches are my specialty.

I believe in Pocket Network 110% so I shall be omnipotent on the road!

So I am asking the DAO to vote on this proposal.
I do not need to be paid for my time. If the DAO feels I have provided exceptional value in contacts and especially deals and leads, then the DAO can decide that I may deserve something for my effort. That’s absolutely secondary. I am here, willing and able to go out there and open some new channels for our community and future.

So from Mid February thru Early April for the first tour!

I will research and create a road tour route with devCons stops along the way. Hopefully as many as 4 in as many weeks .

Just travel expenses and a van to carry the tables and literature, backsplash displays in and some traveling expenses will be fine.

What do you say? Anyone like to join me!?

The more the merrier! Otherwise I always have Inga :grin:

I’m going to build my along the way.

Shhh that’s my secret secret project! :wink:

Thank you for your consideration and support!

PS. I don’t know how obvious it is but I’m extremely excited about the future for pocket Network. In the last few weeks I have pretty much dropped everything else I was doing in order to assist the protocol anyway I can. PN digs deep for me on core values of decentralization and being completely unstopable. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have an opportunity to be part of this movement.

PN shall be a true milestone to be remembered for web 3 and beyond. I can’t see how even the sky could be the limit!

To be completely honest pocket Network picked me. I didn’t have much choice once yall came along. I looked into several supporting roles I could play and this is absolutely the best value I can give you.

So there you have it I present to you
EZ Rock: Master relay provider for Pocket Network
We’re gonna do spectacular stuff together!

With regards, EZ Rock
aka Stephen J Herceg
Blacksburg Virginia

Little background:

I’ve run several successful businesses in the last two decades including an affiliate marketing empire for dating sites which netted me a million dollars personally over 4 years. Many many others too many to speak of here. Most recently I have spent my time through hiking the Appalachian trail. I’m 52 years old I’ve been divorced my wife is back in New Jersey I am from Pennsylvania originally. Have a couple friends in St Petersburg I was just there recently before I learned of PN


In spirit, I like the nature of this proposal.

I think to make it fair, the proposal ought give the ability for other Pocket Community members to join this type of organic Biz Dev working group. The more the merrier, right? Guidelines in place to make sure the proposal monies are disbursed fairly and output metrics to justify the budgeted costs would make this a scalable process too.

Additionally, I support Pocket working towards community engagement where this is streamlined with tooling like Coordinape, KPI Options, and App tagging for referrals integrated by either the community or Pocket Network Foundation itself. While I don’t know of specific ETAs, I’m encouraged by the forum discussions trending in this direction and wouldn’t be surprised if this happens w/i the next 2 quarters.

As far as , right on!!! I’m curious on how this turns out. Depending on its finished state, I think it benefits the whole community to give POKT tokens to community members who take the initiative and risk with building new community tools.

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