Pokt RetroPGF discussion

Hey everyone,

Announcing an initiative FireEyes is pushing forward that we’d love Pokt to play a role in!

In the past few months, :fire:_ :fire: has been watching the impact of the latest retro PGF round for Optimism and how this has created a massive increase in incentivization, innovation, and community engagement within the Optimism ecosystem.

We want to see this impact delivered to other projects, and given the relationship between :fire:_ :fire: and Pokt, we want this post to start a community discussion on running a similar round for Pokt.

The reason that we bring this forward is to be able to reward the builders and community members who have utilized the Pokt protocol already and help to show people who are considering starting to contribute that the DAO may continue to incentivize this value provision in the future!

Here’s the article where these ideas are outlined in more detail and where different strategies for distribution and voting are outlined, obviously each protocol is different and we should take purposeful steps to make sure each retroPGF round is as high impact as possible.

So with that said, how could we maximize impact to Pokt with a retroPGF round, and what considerations should we make as we build out a proposal for this idea.

Why or why not?!

This post aims to serve as a conversation starter around retroPGF mechanisms and how they could be applied to the Pokt community. If you’re interested in joining this discussion please post your thoughts below and we can build a discussion from there!


Hey James !

Would love to chat more about this - are you open to moving to discord for a discussion around this? If so i’ll create a channel and we can have a more free-form discussion.

I’m also going to drop a note in our community call tomorrow (8am PST) if you’d like to join and provide any further info?

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Perfect! will be there :fire:

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