Pocket Network Representation Guidelines

Pocket Network Representation Guidelines

Effective as of: 05/23/2023

When representing the Pocket Network in a community representative role within the platform of support, you serve as an important link between Pocket Network and our community, in representing our brand in a positive and professional manner and building relationships with our community.

To ensure a positive and professional representation of Pocket Network, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Social channels & platforms: While managing social channels & platforms officially representing Pocket Network, your communication must comply with the Pocket Network Community Guidelines.
  2. Use of our brand: If the official logo is utilized within community-created content, the representation needs to be clear that it is community-created content. The logo also cannot be misused in an inappropriate way where it would cause harm to our brand reputation.
    1. https://www.pokt.network/press-kit/
  3. Be authentic: Always be truthful and authentic in your interactions with our community. Never misrepresent our protocol, and avoid making false or exaggerated claims.
  4. Be responsive: Respond promptly and professionally to community inquiries and feedback. If you are unsure how to handle an issue, escalate it to the Head of Community of the Pocket Network Foundation.
  5. Respect the community: Treat members of the community with respect and professionalism. Avoid engaging in an argumentative or negative tone with community members, and always strive to maintain a positive tone in your interactions.
  6. Maintain confidentiality: Always maintain confidentiality with respect to any private information you may come across as a community representative.
  7. Follow legal and ethical standards: Always follow legal and ethical standards when representing Pocket Network. Avoid engaging in any activities that may be illegal or unethical, such as spamming or engaging in fraudulent activities.

By following these guidelines, you will help to build a positive and strong relationship between our protocol and the community we serve.