Pocket Network Korea Meetup during KBW2023 Review

Pocket Network Korea Meetup during KBW2023 Review

This event was filled with in-depth discussions about the future vision of Web 3.0 and captivating presentations on the Pocket Network ecosystem. A notable moment was the participation of Pocket Network’s founder, Michael. His presentation offered innovative ideas and perspectives, which inspired many attendees.

The meetup presented an excellent opportunity for developers, builders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from various fields to converge and share their knowledge and experiences. The event wrapped up with an active networking session, allowing attendees to delve deeper into Pocket’s vision and explore potential collaborations.

One unique feature of this event was the opportunity for direct communication with the Pocket Network team. Tony, in particular, deserves commendation for his outstanding job translating questions and answers in real-time, ensuring a seamless and engaging Q&A session. Consequently, the Q&A proved to be both enlightening and informative.

Held at the Sooho cafe, the venue provided a comfortable ambiance and top-notch facilities, guaranteeing that all attendees could relish the event. Overall, the meetup facilitated a profound understanding of Web 3.0 and sparked intriguing discussions about the future vision of the Pocket Network. As we anticipate the next meetup, we look forward to welcoming an even larger number of participants.