Pocket Network Forum Guidelines

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The Pocket Network Research forum is an open platform for the exchange, debate, and refinement of ideas around the protocol design, crypto-economics, implementation and adoption of the Pocket Network. Pocket, INC as the moderator of this forum reserves the right of vetoing content or banning users that don’t follow these guidelines. The following guidelines will serve as a baseline for conduct within the forum, as well as a framework to foster an open and collaborative community effort towards the betterment of the Pocket Network and its participants. For more information about Pocket visit our website https://pokt.network

  • The content discussed within this forum belongs to their original authors, at no point in time Pocket, INC will lay claim to the intellectual property of any content posted in the forum.
  • It is encouraged that any ideas or research results be posted with ample detail and that assumption proofs or detailed explanations accompany the content.
  • All ideas are open to respectful and objective critique.
  • Personal attacks, hate speech and any other kind of disrespectful behavior or content will be subject to content moderation.