Pocket Network - A Year in Review

Hello Pokt people.

This last year has been a whirwind of excitement, hard problems, and community building.

We are planning to do a “Year in Review” post and I wanted to make an ask.

Share (with Links) so of the most exciting, inspiring moments or experiences you have had in the Pocket community this past year.

They could look like

  • tweets
  • public channel discord/telegram screen shots
  • articles or press that got you excited.
  • a short blurb about your experiences in this community this past year, and what you are looking forward to next.

Please share them as replies in this thread, and we will aggregate them all together to be including in some way within the post, and you’ll get attribution for it!



The emergence of POKT POOL – POKT’s first fractional staking pool. It’s been really cool to see the excitement of POKT-hodlers who can now take advantage of staking rewards for the first time ever. Just because they don’t have 15K POKT, doesn’t mean they’re left out.PP - SS


The first #POKTSTORM airdrop:


Winning the #POKTSTORM and being part of a great community!


My experience within this community has been an eye opener. Everyone from the start has been extremely knowledgeable and friendly, where right away you’ll know you’re in the right place and in good hands. With this culture, it has helped in attracting many more to join our community where we continues to grow on a daily basis.


I first got introduced to Pocket Network in early 2021. Right from understanding the project to being part of the community and the growth of Pocket in last year has been a truly exciting and fantastic experience. Best part for me about this journey has been the AMAZING people working at Pocket Foundation and the community members. Every day is learning here (and fun!). Shout out to Jack, Alberto, Patrick, Alex, Jinx, Ming, Joey and all the community members for keeping things alive and with being patient with me with all the noob questions I kept asking! Look forward to meeting you folks some day! Here is to a wonderful 2021. Onwards & upwards from here!


love the growing community excitement!