Pocket Ecosystem Proposal (PEP) Template

This template is for submitting Ecosystem Proposals to the DAO. Pocket Ecosystem Proposals include proposals to distribute funds to contributors to the Pocket Network Ecosystem.

Did your proposal evolve from a pre-proposal? If not, consider posting it in the Pre-Proposal category of the Forum before you post it here. You’ll get feedback that may lead to improvements. Better to amend your proposal in advance, as doing so after launch creates confusion. And posting first as a pre-proposal can flush out unanticipated opposition that you can address in the Dissent section.

Before you upload your proposal, consider requesting a final review by a technical or economic expert from the GRIP proposal-support team. Also, for greater effect and clarity, GRIP can add an infographic. Want to avoid sloppy mistakes? Ask GRIP for a proofread or copyedit.

For more information on template completion, including links to helpful PEP examples, please refer to the Proposal Preparation Guide, in particular “Put it Together: Start Writing,” under Part III: Pre-Proposal.

Template starts here:

(Sections are indicated by a hash #, subsections by an asterisk *. Delete any sections and subsections that do not apply to your proposal.)


Give your proposal a name and the next available number in the PEP series.




Who will receive the money? The proposal authors? Someone else? Is a reward to be posted as a bounty?


Contract / Reimbursement / Transfer / Swap / Program

Contract is funding for future work. Reimbursement is compensation for previous work.Transfers involve transfer of funds between DAO-owned accounts. Swaps involve trading the DAO’s POKT tokens for another token, including token swaps with other DAOs. Program is an allocation of funds that defines its own rules for distribution.

Related Proposals:*

Insert links to other proposals: PUPs, PIPs, PEPs

Asking Amount:*

What sum is being requested? The DAO will pay in POKT. You can ask for a fixed POKT sum or denominate your request in US dollars and ask that payments be based on a trailing average (e.g., 7 or 30 days) of the $POKT/USD price from the date of payment.

Delete this section if you’re not asking for funding.


This should briefly convey the main elements of your proposal. Think elevator pitch.


Explain in detail the problems and needs your proposal addresses and how it will benefit the Pocket ecosystem? What is the expected Return on Investment?

Conclude this section with links to relevant Feature Requests and/or Proposal Requests from the Needs category in the Forum.

Background (optional)

Use this section for more complex proposals where additional contextual information is needed. For example, why did the author identify and prioritize this problem?


Describe the work that’s been done or will be done and how it will be done.

What is the chance of success? Where relevant, acknowledge alternative budget options (e.g., cheaper tools/specifications) that were considered and explain why you ruled them out. If the community views your proposal as too expensive, would you accept a cheaper alternative?

Implementation (optional)

Use this section if you need to set out how the proposal will be implemented. It’s optional for a reimbursement but required for a contract or program unless addressed elsewhere (as in a related PIP).


Provide details about the contributor(s) who will produce the deliverables or carry out the work. How are they qualified?

Who will take responsibility for the achievement of the deliverables by the dates targeted?


Set out the measurable outcomes of your proposal, noting target dates and, where relevant, phases or milestones.


If you are requesting payment, outline in detail how the funds will be deployed. Account for all funds. If you’re seeking staged payments, indicate what the milestones or phases are. There should be no ambiguity about the amount of POKT to be paid out at each stage – whether it’s a fixed POKT sum or based on a pre-defined trailing average $POKT/USD price. For contracts, if applicable, specify the length.

Dissenting Opinions

Acknowledge and refute all arguments against your proposal, whether actually raised or anticipated.


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