Pocket Dashboard | Read-Only and Disabled Node Staking / App Payment Services

On Discord today an issue surfaced with our fiat payment.

Because of the situation, we’ve decided to take immediate action to disable a few of features (disabling node staking / app payment services) and make the beta Pocket Dashboard read-only for a couple of areas.

Important Note: developers seeking to claim 1M requests per day for their apps are still able to self-serve themselves an RPC endpoint for whichever network they need to access through the launching offering option (i.e. free tier).

Next time you log into the dashboard, you’ll see a banner reminding you of this. You’ll find that the banner auto-closes after 15 seconds until the next version of the dashboard becomes available. Here’s a link to the GitHub issue: Frontend | Add Warning Banner + Fix Testnet Deployment.

In the meantime, please reference our documentation to learn how to stake using the CLI.

If you need to purchase POKT to deploy an app or run a node, you can purchase POKT directly from Pocket Network Inc by contacting sales@pokt.network. You can also join the community established OTC run by Subzero, which is the best way to buy or sell POKT and helps nodes cover the cost of their infrastructure.

If you have any questions, join the rest of the community on our Discord server.

We plan to build the web3 command center you deserve. Thanks for sticking with us!