PEP-59: Sponsor Encode Club Bootcamp Series


Author(s): Katerina | Encode :sparkles:

Recipient(s): Encode Club

Category: Contract

Asking Amount: $25,000


Encode Club invites Pocket Network to join as a sponsor in our educational bootcamp series, designed to develop and onboard web3 talent. Encode Club is a leading educational platform dedicated to fostering the growth and development of web3 talent. With a community of over 50,000 developers, Encode Club has established itself as a trusted partner for industry-leading blockchain projects seeking top-tier talent and innovation.

By partnering with Encode, Pocket will integrate its technology into the bootcamp curriculum, showcase its commitment to web3 education, and strengthen its position as a leader in the blockchain ecosystem.

If Pocket were to go ahead with the grant proposal, it would receive our Silver sponsorship package, and Pocket would be entitled to conduct two workshops per quarter, receive participant data, benefit from marketing exposure, and access dedicated hiring support from Encode’s head of talent. Collaborate with Encode to empower the next generation of web3 developers and expand Pocket’s impact within the growing blockchain community!

If we work fast we are happy to get Pocket involved in our Q2, Q3 and Q4 2023 Bootcamp Series!


Our proposal addresses several critical problems and needs within the Pocket ecosystem:

  • Education and practical application of Pocket technology: Integrating Pocket’s technology into the bootcamp curriculum and conducting workshops will allow participants to gain hands-on experience with Pocket’s tools and services. This will help to expand the pool of developers proficient in Pocket’s ecosystem, driving adoption and innovation within the network.

  • Brand exposure and market positioning: By associating with Encode Club’s reputable bootcamps, Pocket will strengthen its brand, and showcase its commitment to web3 education. This increased visibility can attract more developers, users, and partners to the Pocket ecosystem.

  • Recruitment and retention: With access to participant data and dedicated hiring support from Encode, Pocket will be able to efficiently identify, and recruit top web3 talent. This investment in human capital will foster innovation, improve the quality of projects, and ultimately accelerate Pocket’s growth.

The expected Return on Investment:

  • A steady pipeline of skilled web3 developers who can contribute to the Pocket ecosystem and drive innovation.

  • Increased adoption of Pocket’s technology through hands-on education and practical workshops.

  • Enhanced brand exposure and market positioning as a leader in the blockchain space.

  • Efficient recruitment and retention of top web3 talent, fostering long-term growth and success.

More specifically, as a sponsor in our bootcamp series, Pocket will begin to address some of the needs in the community outlined in this forum post requesting further coordination on marketing.

More information about our bootcamps can be found in this detailed deck here!


Encode Club has a proven track record of delivering successful educational bootcamps within the blockchain space. Our community of over 50,000 developers is a testament to the quality of our programs and our ability to effectively train and nurture web3 talent. We have established long-lasting partnerships with prominent names in the blockchain industry who sponsor our bootcamps year after year, recognizing the value they bring to their respective ecosystems. There are too many to count, but some good recent examples of talent success from our bootcamps include Encode graduates going to Open Zeppelin, Near Foundation, Starkware and many more!

In terms of the work that will be done, Encode Club will continue to deliver its market-leading bootcamps, with Pocket as a Silver sponsor. We will integrate Pocket’s technology into the curriculum, conduct workshops, and provide participant data for recruitment purposes. Our established processes and dedicated team ensure a high chance of success in achieving the desired outcomes for Pocket.

While alternative budget options might be available, we believe that the Silver sponsorship package offers the optimal balance of cost, benefits, and exposure for Pocket. By investing in this package, Pocket can expect a significant return on investment in the form of skilled developers, increased adoption, and enhanced brand exposure. If the community views the proposal as too expensive, we are open to discussing alternative sponsorship options that align with Pocket’s goals and maximise the value of our partnership.

Overall, our past successes, extensive community, and strong partnerships with industry leaders speak to the effectiveness of our bootcamps and the potential benefits for the Pocket ecosystem.


  • Agreement and terms: Encode Club and Pocket Network will establish a formal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. This agreement will ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as the desired outcomes and deliverables.

  • Integration of Pocket into the curriculum: Encode Club will integrate Pocket’s technology and relevant content into the curriculum of our bootcamps series, e.g., Pocket would be entitled to run technical workshops in our bootcamp series. Pocket will be our recommended RPC provider in our bootcamps and Encode will create a video of our RPC teaching that will be shared with Pocket and will be uploaded to Youtube.

  • Scheduling workshops: Encode will coordinate with Pocket to schedule the technical workshops to be conducted by Pocket during bootcamps. Supplemental Pocket workshops will be made open to other current cohorts as well as past students (KPI of 25% of attendees coming from past students). Encode will provide attendance lists and are happy to share both the raw and edited footage.

  • Continuous access to bootcamps: Pocket’s Silver sponsorship will give it access to the Encode Club bootcamp series for the remainder of 2023. With four bootcamps running each quarter, Pocket will have multiple opportunities to engage with participants and showcase its technology. Pocket will also be offered the chance to join additional enterprise private bootcamps over the course of the relationship.

  • Assuming the provision of a custom URL link(s), we’ll aim for 200 developers from Encode to join Pocket or Portal’s discord per quarter

  • Pocket Scholarships: Encode will list 200 scholarships as sponsored by Pocket!


Anthony | CEO and Co-Founder

Eomji | Head of Research & Programmes

Laura | Head of Talent

Vanessa | Marketing Lead

Yasen | Growth Lead

Katerina | Ops Manager

You can find more info on the Encode Club team here! We’re a friendly bunch who work together to produce high-quality educational programs in collaboration with the best in the web3 space!


  • Curriculum integration: Completion of Pocket’s integration into the bootcamp curriculum, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive education on Pocket’s technology.

  • Workshops conducted: Pocket will provide two technical workshops per quarter, totaling eight workshops across the year.

  • Quarterly updates: Before the beginning of each quarter, Encode Club will provide Pocket with an update on the bootcamp schedule, content, and any changes to ensure that Pocket is satisfied and well-informed.

  • Participant data and hiring support: Encode Club will share participant data with Pocket Network after each bootcamp, allowing Pocket to identify potential recruits. Additionally, Pocket will receive hiring support from Encode’s head of talent to facilitate the recruitment and retention of top web3 developers.

  • Marketing and branding exposure: Pocket’s logo will be featured on relevant Encode marketing materials for the bootcamps, increasing brand visibility and showcasing its commitment to web3 education.

  • Feedback and improvement: Encode Club will gather feedback from both Pocket and the bootcamp participants to continuously refine the curriculum and workshop content, ensuring that the partnership remains effective and beneficial for all parties involved.


The budget for our proposal is set at $25,000, which will be allocated towards the general operations and running of our bootcamp series, ensuring the highest quality of education and resources for our participants.

Dissenting Opinions

Concern: The budget of $25,000 might be considered too high for a Silver sponsorship package.

  • Counterargument: The budget covers various aspects of the bootcamp series, ensuring the highest quality education and resources for participants. Additionally, Pocket will receive significant benefits, including curriculum integration, workshops, marketing exposure, participant data, and hiring support. These benefits contribute to a substantial return on investment, making the sponsorship a strategic and valuable partnership.

Concern: The impact on Pocket’s ecosystem may not be immediately noticeable.

  • Counterargument: While it’s true that the full impact of the educational program may take some time to manifest, investing in the training and development of web3 talent is a long-term strategy. By nurturing skilled developers who can contribute to Pocket and other blockchain projects, the ecosystem will ultimately benefit from increased innovation and growth.

Concern: There may be alternative, cheaper options for training web3 developers.

  • Counterargument: Encode Club’s bootcamps have a proven track record and a strong reputation within the blockchain industry. Our community of over 50,000 developers and long-lasting partnerships with prominent names in the space speak to the effectiveness of our programs. By investing in Encode Club’s bootcamps, Pocket is choosing a well-established, reputable, and effective partner that maximizes the likelihood of success.

By addressing these dissenting opinions and concerns, we can demonstrate that the proposal is well-considered, balanced, and designed to provide substantial benefits to both Encode Club and Pocket Network.


Hi friends! I can’t remember to who or when, but I have said out loud at some point that pokt should be tryng to partner with groups like encode and others to sponsor bootcamps to get a steady stream of developers to start building on pokt. Fostering developer loyalty is much more important than marketing to institutions imo, and since the dao approved this amount to Messari (I voted against), I think a partnership like this could bear much more fruit in the long run.


I think this is a great opportunity for Pocket to get the protocol in the hands of developers creating in the space!

I would like to remind people we have an open community bounty related to this see this dework post. We could even integrate this bounty into the development of a Pocket Network curriculum.

I really see no negatives to getting Pocket into the hands of dApp builders and Web3 contributors. :clap:


Strong support for this as part of our developer reachout.

Additionally, are there opportunities for Encode to join the Ambassador program formally?


Thanks @katerina

As we just discussed on the community call, as well as in our thesis earlier this week, marketing is a key priority for PNF. And we see the benefits of partnering with an entity like Encode to drive bottom-up awareness of the benefits of using Pocket with new technical builders in the Web3 ecosystem. These kinds of investments take time to pay off but can compound over time and are one of many different strategies we will need to employ if Pocket is to become the most trusted infrastructure brand in crypto.

Consequently, we think this proposal is very worthy of the DAO’s funds, and we wholeheartedly support it at PNF.

However, to ensure that the DAO maximises the success of this partnership, PNF should act as the steward to ensure that Encode has a personal representative to contact, and PNF can also hold Encode accountable to their promises too.

With all this in mind, we reached out to the Encode team to have a call this week to understand more about their proposal.

We understand that $25k is the fee for sponsoring three boot camps this year; one in 2 weeks and one more in each of Q3 and Q4.

In terms of what is involved, it’s a fairly light touch on our side, but Encode does recommend someone from the Pocket community to host a 60-90 minute mandatory educational presentation on Pocket / Web3 infra more broadly to maximise the return from this investment. This speaking slot is in addition to the opportunity to market directly to all attendees. We expect that someone from PNI is best placed to speak at the first boot camp, given the fairly tight turnaround of two weeks, but we will want to open this up to the rest of the community - particularly other gateway operators - for future boot camps.

One last point, @JackALaing and I know Anthony (the CEO of Encode) separately from their work with universities and startups across Europe. And we can both attest to Anthony’s good standing and the reputation of Encode’s programmes. We were pleasantly surprised to see his team reach out for funding!

Given the tight timings, we believe we should move fast on this and recommend this going to a vote sooner rather than later.


Thanks for your wonderful comment @Dermot :smiling_face:

I am super excited to get things going and am very happy you see the value that we hope our partnership can bring to your community!

We are happy to move as fast as we can on this :zap:

What are the next steps in the process?


As this proposal has been up on the forum for 3 weeks now, with nothing but positive sentiment I can - or anyone else with a DAO vote - can put it up for voting later today, which triggers a 7 day voting period for the DAO.


Hello all!

After further discussions with PND and Daniel from PNI we have made a few amendments to the original proposal in order to make it as fruitful for the Pocket ecosystem as possible :zap:

I have updated the original post and have included a summary of the amendments below:

Assuming things get done in a timely fashion and we have a Pocket DAO representative involved who can help enable the delivery of these additional points, Encode is happy with the following amendments to the proposal:

  • Get Pocket involved in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of our 2023 Bootcamp Series

  • Offer Pocket the chance to join additional enterprise private bootcamps over the course of the relationship

  • Pocket will be the recommended RPC provider from our bootcamps

  • Supplemental Pocket workshops will be made open to other current cohorts as well as past students (KPI of 25% of attendees coming from past students). Encode will provide attendance lists and can share both the raw and edited footage

  • Encode will convert the RPC teaching in the curriculum to a video that will be shared with Pocket and will be uploaded to Youtube

  • Assuming the provision of a custom URL link(s), Encode will aim for 200 developers from Encode to join Pocket or Portal’s discord per quarter

  • 200 scholarships will be listed as sponsored by Pocket


Thank you @katerina

This proposal is now up for voting - Snapshot


This proposal has passed with 19 yays and 1 nay. Snapshot