PEP-52: Translate Pocket Foundation Articles of Association into Chinese

Translate Pocket Foundation Articles of Association into Chinese


  • Author: @bruceyin

  • Recipient: @bruceyin

  • Category: Imbursement

  • Asking Amount: $POKT equivalent to $1,600 USD

Summary / Abstract

Translate Pocket Foundation Articles of Association with more than 14,000 words into Chinese.


DAO and Pocket Network Foundation are essential governance mechanism for Pocket Network. The Articles of Association are definitely worth for a reading for anyone wish to understand the governance of Pocket Network deeply. However, these Articles includes plenty of long sentences and law terms make it hard to understand for Chinese community members. By translating it into Chinese, would make it much easier to read and understand for Chinese members.

A Sample of Previous Work

I have completed the translation of the Constitution: Pocket Constitution CN - Google Docs I would like to emphasize that I deeply understand the ecosystem and governance of Pocket Network, and with 8+ years’ experience of reviewing insurance policies (contracts) in English, 3+ years’ experience of English to Chinese translating and proofreading. I am confident to get this work done in high quality.

Budget Explanation

The price per word is around $0.11, which is $1,600 (fee)/14,000 (words). This rate is based on the search results in Google. I believe it’s a bargain, but open to different opinions.


The translation of Pocket Foundation Articles of Association will be completed in 20 days after this proposal get approved.


I will be the sole contributor for the consistent context and style in the translation.

Dissenting Opinion(s)

  • Why not use the quick and free Google translation in lieu of the charged human efforts?
    • There are many fundamental differences like grammars, sentence structures, words, between English and Chinese. As of today, AI still is not able to replace human, not even close.

Solid. At 7 cents. Call it 23k $Pokt. Runnit!


Thanks for your support, Ethen!


This is great!
Sadly I cannot speak Chinese so I wont be able to tell if the work is good (or genuine). Is there any Chinese speaker on the community that can read through this work and provide feedback?

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I support this proposal! I guess we’ll know once/if the Chinese community makes fun of us :smiley:

Seems Like a Good Idea, But…

Spreading awareness about Pocket to the billion plus people who speak Chinese by translating our documentation seems like a great idea.

However, I question whether translating the Articles of Association is the place to start. Who among Pocket’s English-speaking community have read this stodgy, typically unreadable legal document?

(And why just Chinese? Why not Spanish, French etc.?)

I totally agree that making Pocket accessible to other language groups is essential if Pocket is to expand its reach. But this should not be done haphazardly or randomly.

Before throwing money at this particular translation (though admittedly not a large ask), we need to have a discussion about how to extend Pocket’s reach to foreign-language communities and popularize Pocket across the globe.

Use this Pre-Proposal to Start a Larger Conversation

Let’s morph this pre-proposal into a discussion on how to do that. As part of that discussion, we can address the translation of Pocket-related materials into Chinese and other languages.

Natural participants in that discussion are the community’s marketing people and DAO members like Bruce who are fluent in other languages and knowledgeable about foreign countries.

Let’s create a plan and approach this in an organized fashion.


To make the governance of Pocket Network understandable, it would be far more effective to have an article written about the Articles of Association (and Constitution) with excerpts from these documents, or to create annotated versions. Few people want to slog through the articles and constitution.

An article or annotated versions would be a great way to introduce even the English-speaking members of our community to the DAO’s foundational documents. Although an annotated version of the articles could be prepared now, let’s hold off on an article till the constitution is amended in the near future.


Thanks for your feedback. The reason of making a separate proposal to specify the Articles is that a one time task. I do have a plan to submit another pre-proposal to discuss the routine translation about the blog articles, important announcements, exposures/updates, etc. Actually, I have been doing this work more than 1 year.
You can refer to the followings as the examples:


Excellent ! Let’s start this discussion now.

With your translation skills and the huge importance of the Chinese market, you can play a key role in designing and executing a foreign-language outreach project.

A number of issues need to be considered. These include:

  • Given the cost of translation work (qualified translators should be paid), we must be selective about what documentation gets translated.
  • Where to publish the translations.
  • Other avenues of outreach to foreign audiences: e.g., attendance at conferences in non-English speaking countries by Pocket reps who speak the native lingo, or giving interviews online in languages other than English
  • Do we want to focus on other languages too? EG, Spanish. Many of our DAO members are Spanish speaking which opens a path to South America, Spain, etc. and translate the same materials noted above
  • Do we have any other language talent in the DAO?
  • How much to pay for translation and before we start paying for translation, we need a way to verify the translation quality (accuracy etc.)

Your enthusiasm is an inspiration. However, that this is a one-time task (and ask) is irrelevant. Also irrelevant is the amount of POKT being requested. We need to lay out a plan, and proceed from there.

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I will list more details like translating docs, publishing channels in another proposal about the routine translation work. The other languages are important as well, so I hope I can build a preliminary example/path by submitting proposals to encourage other talents in the community to raise their own translation proposals.


A tip for quality control: Somehow Google Translate’s Chinese-English is much better than English-Chinese, if you convert the translated Chinese text in high quality to English text again per Google Translate, the most sentences on converted English text should still make sense, even easier to read than the original English text. Some terms might be changed after the conversion, but cannot ask too much to a web tool.


support this propoasl, @bruceyin did a lot of work in Chinese community and received community recognition!


Gonna step in here and address some of these points by Zaatar.

Because he’s Chinese bro. lol

That’s kinda the point of the Proof of Participation model laid out by Jackal. You gotta do the work.

I agree somewhat here. You ever been in those discord chats and they got 10 different language channels and they are all empty? We definitely don’t want that. Lots of wasted time and money if we start funding a bunch of different languages or translating the wrong documents. But the Pokt Chinese community exists. Last years Lunar new year giveaway was a wild success. Big ups to Poktopus and Tony for making that happen. Also, Rocktree Capital long time Pocket support has deep roots in Asia.

In the new PNF docs.

Great idea.

Sure we do. And I’m sure a time will come along when a passionate member of the community wants to handle that. But right now we focusing on longtime community member Bruce and his wanting to contribute.

28k $Pokt is a small ask to give Bruce the additional motivation he needs to begin the year strong and get this out. For sure we need to plan ahead Zaatar, but we also need to start. Imagine the end of the year comes and we have 10 new native speaking Chinese DAO members. Or 20.

So to recap my thoughts. I think we should fund it. I think Bruce should also translate the trophies path when he’s done with the AoA and should also get paid for that (maybe wait on the trophies cause i think Jackal is giving that a refresh). And then maybe we can help him come up with a plan of action to get these newly translated docs into the right hands. PoktNews China anyone?

Also Bruce, myself and Ritesh will be available for any designs you need to accompany these translations. :facepunch: We’ll come up with something real nice.


Thank you so much Ethen! Together we can definitely improve our ecosystem and make things even more great!


Wanted to add that when Bruce was with PNI along with myself, he was on my team reporting to me. I can attest to his long time dedication to Pocket’s protocol, and his workmanship on past translations. I fully support this pre-proposal, which can also be used as a baseline for future translation grants for many other languages.


I support this. Bruce does a great job in the English channels and i’m sure he does similar in the Chinese channels.

As a one-off it’s helpful to have our founding docs translated, even if many people won’t read them, just having them has gravitas.

I further (and I think over time will be more important) support Bruce working via either a proposal, or more likely IDEAS/RAD to continuously translate lots of the updates and important info to disseminate knowledge of Pocket to a wide audience.


Thanks for your support and testimonial, Ming and Cryptocorn!


Thanks for your detailed response.

Just curious, but what do you and Ritesh do? (And what is Ritesh’s Discord/Forum handle?)

Ritesh and I are both partners at SendNodes/SendWallet.
We’ve worked with one another for 8 years and in the 2 years we have been in crypto we have worked worked several projects doing branding, UI/UX, marketing graphics, and all around design.

You can find him in our discord or maybe the public chats. He around.

@JackALaing Can we proceed the voting process for this proposal?

This proposal is now up for voting Snapshot