PEP-36: Zero to Node Tutorials


Author(s): Steve Tingiris (@steve)
Recipient(s): Dabble Lab
Category: Reimbursement
Asking Amount: 218,750 POKT


The purpose of this proposal is to request reimbursement for the development of the Zero to Node written and video tutorials. Both the written tutorial and the video tutorial are complete and have been published on the official Pocket documentation site and Pocket YouTube channel respectively. This proposal covers work already completed. Any future versions or additions will be addressed in a subsequent proposal.


I worked together with Roger Brogan to create and deliver the original Zero to Node video tutorials that were published on Pocket YouTube channel in January of 2021. Those videos have since become the most watched videos on the Pocket YouTube channel with over 15,500 views as of June 11, 2022. However, the original Zero to Node videos became outdated and lacked a written version. So, in January of 2022, I began working on an updated video version and a complementary written version. Both were completed and published in May 2022.


My motivation was to make it simpler for others to get their first node running. Getting a Pocket node up and running isn’t overly complicated. However, it took me months to get to the point where I really felt comfortable with the process because I had to piece together the steps and details from limited documentation and community guides. Thankfully, Pocket has an awesome community and many were willing to answer my questions along the way. But answering the same questions over-and-over isn’t a good use of their time and just creates friction for new wouldbe node runners. So, I created these tutorials to make things simpler.


  • Reimbursement for the time to create written and video tutorials
  • Motivation to create future tutorials on topics like security hardening, setting up chain nodes, and automating node setup and administration.

Objective Key Results

  • Tutorials make it easier for anyone to become a node runner
  • More individual node runners makes Pocket more decentralized

Needs being met

The stability and value of the Pocket Network doesn’t just come from the total number of participating nodes - the number of node runners (the individuals and orgs behind the nodes) is also a key to true decentralization. By providing up-to-date and easy-to-follow tutorials we’re making it more likely that the number of individual node runners will increase.

Dissenting Opinions

This seems like a lot to pay for a tutorial(s).

The average all-in cost of producing a technical training video, including the costs associated with planning, organizing, script writing, proofing, technical reviewing, recording, and video editing, is between $1,000 - $3,500 per finished minute (the final length of the video).This is a commonly accepted price range that can be easily verified with a quick Google search. Using that range and given that the Zero to Node video was 56.82 minutes long, the cost would come in between $56,820 and $198,870, and that’s not including the costs associated with creating the written version.

As I post this proposal, the current USD value of 1 POKT is .11. Meaning, the budget at the current price is $24,062.5 - less than 50% of the lower end of the average range for creating a technical training video. I was able to keep the budget low because I did the planning, organizing, script writing, proofing, technical reviewing, recording, and video editing myself, with some formatting and technical reviewing assistance from Pocket team members.

Why can’t the core team just do this?

The internal team could no doubt create these kinds of tutorials. But their focus is on building and maintaining the software first and foremost - as it should be in my opinion.



The total reimbursement requested for this proposal is 218,750 POKT. This is the amount that was paid for the original Zero to Node videos (which did not include a written version).

The written version was included this time but it did not increase the budget because the overall time to create both the video and written version was about the same as just creating the video version originally.


I am the main contributor however @MikePumphrey and @blockjoe from the Pocket team provided technical reviews, guideance/feedback, and assistance with formatting for the written tutorial.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


The work that @steve did on this project was excellent, and his tutorial and video is a vital (and timely) addition to our educational materials.

If you haven’t checked any of it out, I highly suggest you do so.

I’m not a voter, but I very much support this.

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Love the proposal and initiative @steve !

The content you have made has helped many individuals in the community get set up(myself included). Even at Infracon, during your workshop, users could follow along with the docs and get their nodes set up, which means that it’s practical and straightforward for any users to get started with their nodes.

In terms of price, I think it’s perfect for the quality of work that has been produced, and it will only improve going forward as we move into V1 and other tips and tricks for setting up a node.

Good work!

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Definitely support this proposal for the quality of work done.


I support this proposal, Steve has a great way of explaining technical things to non technical people that most people lack. Most developers do not take the time to document their work, you went above and beyond what most crypto communities offer their users.

Thanks for your time.


Thank you for this, this is an extremely important mission for Pocket as a whole. Node running should be accessible, and you’ve reduced the friction for newcomers. Not only that, you appealed to multiple audiences in the form of text based and visual/video documentation. I can tell that you thoroughly love the work you do in these videos. I hope you get the reimbursement, as I know this is not the first or last thing you’ll be doing to further develop the Pocket ecosystem.

I strongly support this proposal.


Strongly agree.

These are the kind of contributions that unlocks Pocket’s superhuman powers and gives us a competitive advantage over centralized alternatives.


Great work on this series @steve, and great proposal :+1:


This proposal is now up for voting Snapshot

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I strongly support this proposal