PEP-24: Pocket Network DAppNode Package


  • Author(s):Mgarciate, Eduardo Antuña, Pol Lanski
  • Recipient(s): Mgarciate and DAppNode
  • Category: Reimbursement
  • Fulfills: RFP-7: Node Deployment Tools
  • Asking Amount: 70k POKT


In response to RFP-7, we would like to submit a DAppNode Package (DNP) for consideration.
DAppNode is a simple platform that allows anyone to deploy and manage nodes of any kind from a beautiful, easy-to-use UI, without requiring any technical knowledge. We have developed the package for a Pocket Validator, and the integration with all other blockchain nodes that are already supported in DAppNode.
The DAppNode package will tap into an already existing network of decentralized node runners, bringing them the opportunity to monetize such nodes and bring infrastructural decentralization to the POKT network with more residential nodes.

MGarciate is a community contributor to the DAppNode ecosystem. Eduardo Antuña is co-founder and tech lead of DAppNode and Pol Lanski is the Business and Ecosystem lead for DAppNode.


The purpose of DAppNode is double: to help and empower users to be self-sovereign in their interactions with decentralized networks (to run their own nodes!) regardless of their technical knowledge, and to have an easy way for such networks to increase their resilience by having more nodes in diverse locations, with diverse ISPs and hardare, etc.

DAppNode is already being used by thousands to manage their nodes, with features like auto-updates, VPN access from anywhere and completely decentralized dappstore. But as of now, there’s little incentive to run non-validator L1 nodes.
Pocket opens the door for DAppNode users to monetize these nodes by offering access to them. Similarly, it offers Pocket users a clean, simple way to deploy a Pocket validator and any number of other networks to maintain and share.

With the DAppNode Package for Pocket Network, users will be able to deploy and maintain Pocket Nodes and other chains with a couple of clicks, making it accessible to anyone and bringing more self-hosted nodes to the network.


  • Make a Pocket Network DNP available to all DAppNode users for free at the DAppStore.
  • Make a seamless integration between the already existing nodes in the DAppStore and Pocket Network, so users can use them to generate revenue.
  • Bring the DAppNode and Pocket ecosystems together
  • Provide a plug-and-play solution for deploying a Pocket network via the DAppNode hardware shop and its forks.

Objective Key Results

  • GUI controlled node deployment and management
  • Backup system to help user save wallets, certificates, and configs
  • Auto-updates for hands-off maintenance
  • Monitoring (Grafana & Prometheus) integration

Needs Being Met

The Pocket Network DNP provides a direct solution to RFP-7: Node Deployment Tools 36 and specifically addresses every Objective Key Result:

  • There are more node deployment options available
  • Existing node deployment options (e.g. Docker) are easier to use
  • We have greater node diversity / more self-hosted nodes
  • The DAppNode Package also provides a direct response to the general community who have asked for an approachable Validator process.

Dissenting Opinions

No known dissenting opinions to a deployment solution like the DAppNode Package.


  • Launch DAppNode Package
  • Automated TLS
  • Built-in webserver GUI (accessible via your own domain)
  • Multiple blockchain nodes (including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Gnosis Chain, Polygon…)
  • Multi-chain Pocket Validator setup
  • Access to logs via UI
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Educational resources, guide and video walkthrough
  • Community Call Demo


Since the project leverages the platform already put in place by DAppNode, we can reduce development costs for such a solution.
The budget here included refers to the development (one-off) and maintenance of the following items:

  • Development of DNP
  • Development of GUI
  • Updates with pocket-core releases
  • New blockchain node releases
  • Adding new blockchains supported by Pocket
  • Security
  • Monitoring integration

Following the example of Node Pilot, instead of asking for a budget prior to showing work, we opted to develop first, prove the value of the software, and then ask the community and DAO to gauge if it’s worthy of reimbursement as a free tool for the community. Currently, 90% of the proposal is built, short of the completion of the GUI.

  • Base Development: 40k POKT
  • Added value of Web3 app development and node running expertise: +20% (8k)
  • Risk of being paid in 100% in POKT, with corresponding volatility risk: +25% (10k)
  • Incentived updates and continual development: +30% (12k)
    Total budget: 70K POKT


MGarciate - Web3 and mobile application developer.

Eduardo Antuña - DAppNode Tech Lead, DevOps, Smart Contract developer and auditor.

Pol Lanski - DAppNode business and ecosystem development.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Full Circle!

We’ve been trying to get this operational since pre-mainnet


So stoked it’s finally happening :heart:


This is net positive for Pocket. I’ve seen a lot of independent node runners with so little experience that would benefit from this, day 0. Also, having it available on the DAppStore will bring Pocket visibility from the hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of users using DAppNode software.

I might be a little biased as I’ve been using DAppNode for a while now, and I truly love how easy it is to get things up and running. This proposal has my support.


Fully behind this proposal! Two very aligned projects, and a sensible budget and ask

Out of interest, what are the timings like for releasing the GUI?


The UI is practically done, but uses https certificates in a way that requires a little update in the DAppNode core, so we need to test a new DAppNode release… I’d say we’ll be up and running in 2 to 3 weeks!


Stoked this is happening and this proposal has my full support. I run nodes with Dappnode and it’s a pretty great piece of hardware & software.


I wholeheartedly support this proposal!

DAppNode and Pocket are probably the most value-aligned players in the space. It’s exciting to see this in the works.

The Pocket Network ecosystem would benefit from a plug n’ play solution. It’d make it easier for prospective independent node runners, on the beginner side, to start participating in the protocol’s work economy.

I think DAppNode would compliment the assortment of other node-setups (at-home bare metal servers, datacenters, cloud, etc) and community tools. Also, the budget is very reasonable.

I’m excited to run the Pocket DNP on my DAppNode!


I’ve heard this asked for countless times, and combined with the reasonable budget and clear wins for the Pocket noderunner community, I support this proposal without reservation.

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100% support. Been waiting for something like this.

This proposal is now up for voting Snapshot

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This proposal has passed Snapshot

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Great news! I can’t wait to show how easy it is in today’s community call!

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I am glad that this was approved! Any sense on when this will be available for configuring validator nodes?

A quick update of the progress:

:building_construction:Launch DAppNode Package - currently testnet launched, almost done with mainnet
:white_check_mark:Automated TLS
:white_check_mark:Built-in webserver GUI (accessible via your own domain)
:white_check_mark:Multiple blockchain nodes (including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Gnosis Chain, Polygon…)
:white_check_mark:Multi-chain Pocket Validator setup
:white_check_mark:Access to logs via UI
:building_construction:Monitoring and alerts - being improved
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Educational resources, guide and video walkthrough - will be done with mainnet
:white_check_mark:Community Call Demo (Pocket Network Community Call | 2022/03/25 - PocketJS, ThunderPOKT, poktpool, and much more! - YouTube) - we would love to repeat when mainnet is ready.


Can we please get a update on this project.

Certainly. Everything is done, except we found a bug in DAppNode that prevents https certificates to be configured automatically and without any intervention from the user. Since our purpose is to make it as simple as possible, we’re fixing this bug with the new DAppNode Core release (scheduled for next week) and then we will be able to publish the Package! But honestly, @mgarciate has been running his pokt relay node with several chains with no problems for the past month and a half :stuck_out_tongue:




@Lanski is there an update on this project?


@Lanski can you please provide an update?

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