PEP-2: POKT-ROKT development reimbursement


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    75,000 POKT


I would like to ask the community and the DAO to reimburse me for the production of the POKT-ROKT.


No way to say this without sounding like an ego-manic, So here goes:

The Pocket-Rocket is the single most useful tool for managing, monitoring, configuring and debugging Pocket nodes that exists. It is free, open source, and it works in real production environments. If you run a node and you don’t run the ROKT I don’t know why.


75,000 POKT one time payment.


The ROKT is a hack job, written in Bash, one feature at a time. There is only one more version to be released (except for bug fixes if needed). I am redesigning and rewriting the entire thing in Go to be more modern (mouse support), more stable, and more compatible with the Pocket core software.

So, I’d like to close the book on this most enjoyable script. I can’t count how many hours went into its creation… V.0.1 was a 30 day heads down sprint. (Bash is powerful in some ways and awful in others)

Dissenting Opinions

Anyone is free to dissent. I won’t mind if the request for reimbursement does not get approved. I’m going to write the new Go version anyway, because I want to. The product is already out there, so no one actually needs to pay anything.


Already delivered (except for final version, which I’ll publish shortly)


Just me. and Stack exchange, and Stack Overflow, and Google, and a lot of coffee.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Use the ROKT all the time. It’s a must have for quickly assessing the health of your nodes. It’s a great product, and BenVan is also a very active community member.

I think the ask amount is extremely reasonable. I plan on approving this proposal.

I use Pokt Rokt daily to manage my node and would gladly vote in favor of this proposal.

I am a daily user of POKT ROKT. Great tool. I’m happy to support BenVan in his efforts!

I also use ROKT now and would not mind this one-time reimbursement.

I am curious if you plan to continue to request for reimbursements for future iterations?

Which if your using this model. Do the work first, and then ask. I wouldn’t oppose either.

Yes. The build it first and sell it later model works well for my temperament. I don’t like the pressure of promises and deadlines. It’s obviously a good model for the DAO, because far less risk and potential for getting scammed.

Most devs probably won’t want to work that way, but (if I were a DAO voter) I’d pressure everyone to “show me you love me” before I’d sign the check.

I have a good deal of experience on the voter side of this process with DASH. And seen the insane decisions that a group of people can make when the money is not coming from there own pockets.

With regard to this proposal in specific… $6,000 would probably get you a spec written, but no one would code it and support it for that.

PS: glad you like the ROKT, that is the real reason I wrote it. So that it would be easier for people to run nodes. Check out V1.0 (just published today) it is the final version. I’m specking out the next iteration in GO.

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I did some back of the napkin math that was similar to this, and your proposal is very much a discount. So i’m all for this.

For anyone interested this was my napkin math.

30 Day Sprint. 4 Hours avg per day . 100.00 per dev hour. = 12,000
Could very well be more then 4 Hours Avg daily, I wanted to be conservative to see.

A bit late here - as an every day user of the ROKT I would wholeheartedly support this. @BenVan has continued to update the product over time as well. Would love to see what it can evolve into.

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OK… This proposal is up for vote
Now is the time to exercise your right to say “YES”!!


This proposal passed with 6 Approvals and 0 Rejections, so I’ll now close the topic.

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