PEP-14: POKTwatch Devlog #1


​ I want to begin this devlog by thanking the entire POKT community for the support and suggestions that you guys has given to me since I created POKTwatch. This community is truly something special, and I have loved watching and helping it grow. I want to particularly thank Varoten for answering my many questions about the protocol and network.

​ Since the official launch of POKTwatch in November of 2021, there have been lots of new features and things that have been added to the site. In this devlog I will talk about what these features have been, the challenges I faced, and what is coming next.

New Features

There have been many new features, and here are the most important and biggest ones so far.

Big Features

  • Pending transactions

    ​ I’m going to start off with this update as I believe it is the most significant. Now all pending transactions will be visible, and available for everybody to view on POKTwatch. Currently pending transactions appear on POKTwatch 10-40 seconds after they are sent from a node. This delay is due to the propagation of the network, and hopefully as the network grows this delay will shorten.

  • Account Transactions

    ​ A previous limitation of POKTwatch was the lack of ability to view all of an accounts inbound and outbound transactions. Now there is a page so you can click through all of a users transactions.

  • Speed

    ​ I recently moved from a cloud hosting provider to running everything on servers and other infrastructure to support the growing number of requests the site is receiving. This has made POKTwatch significantly faster. With a decent Internet connection every page on POKTwatch will load in under 1 second.

  • API

    ​ There are currently two API methods available on POKTwatch. The Rewards API gives you all the claim transaction (rewards) of any given node address. There is also the Accounts API which gives you the transaction hash of all inbound and outbound transactions of a given address. I am currently working on documentation for these. Please only use these API’s for light use, please do not hit these API’s with a lot of requests because it slows down the POKTwatch site. If you wish to use these with significant volume, please contact me on telegram and I will set you up with a dedicated server.

Minor Updates

  • Age of transactions

    ​ You can now view the age of an transactions on the account page. This feature was added very recently.

  • Transaction Fail

    ​ If a transaction has failed there is a red exclamation mark next to it on the account page.

  • Blocks display POKT minted

    ​ All blocks on the homepage display the amount of POKT minted in them.

  • Transactions show how much was sent

    ​ All transactions on the homepage show how much was sent/claimed/minted in them.

What’s Coming?

Don’t worry, this devlog doesn’t mean that I am going to stop working on POKTwatch. There are still many new features I plan on creating.

  • Analytics

    ​ POKTscan has done an awesome job displaying node analytics, but I believe there are still many areas of the chain that have yet to be analyzed. This includes:

    • Account balance charts over time
    • Holder statistics/distribution
    • Other network analytics
  • API

    ​ I am going to make my API more robust with more methods, and create documentation.

  • Node/Account rewards

  • Bug Fixes

  • DAO-specific Details

    ​ I will add more details on the transaction page for DAO functions. This idea was given to me by @Olshansky.

  • Any other features you guys want to add

    ​ Contact me on telegram if you guys have any questions/features you want to add.


Working with POKT has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I love it even more than when I started. I am looking forward to working on POKTwatch and other POKT related things. I really appreciate the donations and support you guys have given me, and I look forward to working more with POKT.


I use POKTwatch almost daily. Fanatic job!!

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