OPEN : Streamlining the Grant Program Operations

Proposal: This project aims to refine the grant management process and apply impact evaluation methods and tracking with the POKT grant program by analyzing current practices, leveraging advanced tools and development of best practices and communication collateral. This effort not only aims to boost POKT grant program efficiency but also strives to cultivate a transparent, inclusive, and community-focused environment, contributing significantly to POKT’s growth.

Focusing on the following grant programs:

  • Quick Grants
  • Retro PGF

The project aims to deliver impact through:

  • Development of detailed operational guidelines for grant programs.
  • Improvement of grant management practices for better efficiency and transparency in the POKT ecosystem.
  • Development of impact assessment and measurement processes

Previous Relevant Work:

  • DAO Governance Operations at Interest Protocol as a Recognized Delegate
  • Researcher at the Metagov Grant Innovation Hub, focusing on Grant Program Maturity
  • GG20 Community Council Member
  • Season 2 Steward at Hats Protocol
  • Impact Evaluation and Design at Plurality Labs for Arbitrum DAO( I conducted a decentralized review of Arbitrum DAO grants using the Karma tool and provided coaching to funded grantees such as open source observer and blockscience) (past)
  • Founder of the DAO Governance Collective

How you will deliver impact ( how does this grant supports our 2024 ambitions):

This project supports Ambition #2 (building POKT as a trusted infrastructure brand) and Ambition #5 (promoting healthy culture and governance) by establishing clear processes and communication within the grant program, enhancing transparency and community engagement, and streamlining grant management to meet community needs effectively.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: (Define what the expected impact is, for this grant to be measured against in your self-reporting)

  • Regular community updates on progress and challenges via the Karma Gap tool.
  • Creation of communication materials to report on developments and outcomes.
  • Monthly Milestones posting eg:
    • Month1:
    • Examine current process for Quick grants and provide feedback or implementation for optimization in comms and process
    • Examine the Karma Gap procedures, including the Karma and impazakct measurement criteria, as well as the usage process, to propose suggestions for implementing improvements or optimizing communication assets. To develop How to Karma for Quick Grants Guide
    • Assist with Communication strategy and processes for RPGF .

Requested value of grant: (note this is set/approved by PNF): a 4 months period under the Experiment/Initiative category, at $3,000 per month, to design, facilitate the research and execution of program enhancements.

Link to where work will be stored (Notion, Github or even directly in this topic thread is fine)


POKT Wallet address for payments: f99aec6f146cb44ad09afa88dcc13c814ad0e161

ETH Wallet address for stables stream: Feems.eth


Hey @feems - we’re excited to have your expertise around Grants and operations, especially with the rPGF round looming!

I’m confirming that this quick grant is open, starting April 15. You’ll be expected to report impact this month, so please open a grant in . You’ll want to fill out your first milestone which will be the work you plan to do for April when you open the grant. At the end of the month you’ll be required to update the milestone and let us know what you’ve done for the month and the impact you’ve made.

Since it’s our first time working together, a payment for the 2nd half of April will go out after your impact report is evaluated (first week of May). Assuming all goes well, we’ll set you up on a Hedgey stream to finish out the quick grant.

Looking forward to working together!