OPEN: Japan Community Hub

Socket Data


RPC providers have not been the main topic in the Japanese community. And Japan has a significant language barrier. We can support POKT Network in getting direct intentions from the Japanese market through Japan Hub’s work. POKT Network can provide more education opportunities at the discretion of PRC providers.

Planned work

Establishment of POKT Japan Hub

Manage the Japanese X account. - The Japanese crypto community is in X.

We will create the Japanese X account for it, and we will report metrics(a number of impressions, followers, posts).

Translate Japanese updates, news, and information across these community groups.

Publish these updates and information on various content platforms such as Twitter.

Engage with members of the Japanese community, providing answers and insights about the Pocket Network. Try a collaboration event or AMA with POKT Korea Hub.

Who we are / Previous work

The team is composed of:

・Yudai Suzuki: Former crypto strategy at a Financial group in Japan. His past boss was the chairman of a self-regulated cryptocurrency organization in Japan. He has experience working with J-FSA and all of the crypto exchanges in Japan.

・Toshihiko Kamei: Former venture capitalist at Japanese family office Mistletoe and VC Fund ABBALab. Mistletoe is one of the most prominent Japanese family offices. The CEO is Taizo Son, a brother of Masa Son (CEO of Softbank).

・Naoki Akazawa: Full stack engineers with strengths in AI, blockchain, and smart contracts from 2017. He worked at most prominent Japanese blockchain developer education school as a primary teacher.

Behind the Japan hub, Fracton Ventures has been taking incubator positions with a DAO-friendly approach.Fracton Ventutes is an educator for the Japanese community. Three co-founders of Fracton Ventures have written the first DAO topic-covered book, “Web3 and DAO,” and sold 20,000 copies in the Japanese market.

Fracton Ventures is the organizer of DAO TOKYO, which is the brother event of DAO NYC.

Fracton Ventures:


Type of Socket

Initiative Compensation: $2,000, subject to monthly review and payment, for the duration of the experiment. This initiative is set to commence on April 15th, 2024.

Commitment to “Default to open”

In keeping with the principle of transparency, we commit to working openly and providing monthly self-reports. A monthly report published under this post will detail all completed activities and tasks.

POKT Wallet address : 38ac3733975558cff75a437c908535ba76771481

ETH Wallet address : 0x7e2213f499920c35346F3BF881D86748B12c23b4


Hey @FractonVentures excited to have you open a quick grant! We’d love to be in conversation in the Japanese community.

I’m interested in seeing what an AMA for your audience would look like and the attendance. Someone from the Foundation can be available for the AMA as well, so please start planning what that could look like - i believe @coineasy did one last month with Adz and it went great, so feel free to reach out to them.

I’m confirming that this quick grant is open, starting April 15. You’ll be expected to report impact this month, so please open a grant in . You’ll want to fill out your first milestone which will be the work you plan to do for April, and to be measured against.

Since it’s our first time working together, the first payment will go out after your impact report in early May, at which point we’ll set you up on a Hedgey stream.

Looking forward to working together!


Greetings, team! We’re looking forward to collaborating with you and helping you!


Hi coineasy team,

Let’s discuss how to collaborate between Japanese and Korean POKT communities.


Thank you for approving our proposal.
We’re so excited to work with the POKT community.

We share the first update with the POKT community.
We started the POKT Japan Hub account.

We will be happy if POKT community members follow this X account!


Activity update:
We will host this first AMA on Twitter(X) on April 30th.
We choose a theme DePIN and invited Japanese community leaders and DePIN related people.


A monthly report by POKT Japan Hub
April 2024:Activity update:
X Metrics

  • New Followers:86

  • Posts:29

  • Total impression:32,724

  • Total engagement:845

  • X Space :Over 50 people listend.

  • Many Web3 people, including most crypto media in Japan, listened to the space in April. DePIN is still in the beginning phase in Japan. We realized how important it is to educate people on why decentralization is important in this field and why this field fits micro-incentives through a blockchain.


  • Guests in our space asked us how to use POKT RPC, a step-by-step guide in Japanese. We know how important it is to create content in Japanese, so we will start making it for the following Japan Hub space events.


  • We’d like to report here soon when the follower reach to 100 followers.

Monthly community engagement overview (April 2024):

Time: Apr 15, 2024 - May 14, 2024

New X followers each month

  • Number of targets: 50 followers

  • Result: We got a 98 followers

AMA or space once a month

  • Number of targets: 30 people

  • Result: Over 50 people listened.

Translate Japanese updates, news, and information across these community groups.

  • Number of targets: 20 posts in a month

  • Result: We posted 20 posts from Apr 15 to May 14.


  • Through this X space, the POKT Japan hub got a position to lead DePIN in Japan, and the DePIN community in Japan accepted the consensus.