OPEN: Editor-at-Large - Maintainer Proposal

Edit and copyedit key public-facing material including:

  • Website copy
  • POKT docs
  • Blog articles
  • Marketing material, e.g., video scripts aimed at general public/investors

How it will work

At the outset, I will coordinate with the Foundation regarding which existing material requires editing and/or copyediting, and the prioritization of that work.

For most new material, to ensure editing after early draft and copyediting before publication, the newly created POKT-docs-coordination channel on Discord will serve as a point of contact. Anyone without access to that channel who needs editing and/or copyediting can DM me @zaatar on Discord or by email

Services available to any community member

Subject to PNF oversight, my services will be available upon request to any community member for DAO-related material, including Forum proposals.

As my role is collaborative, generally no changes to copy become final without the author’s approval.

NOTE: I am not a techie. For content of a technical nature, I’ll need to collaborate.


At the end of every month, I’ll report in this thread on the work that I’ve done and hours spent. My first report may include some work done before this post.


$100 per hour / ~20 hours per month

Workload will be a function of need. Some weeks I may have no work. I expect to be busiest when this role begins since there is a backlog that requires attention.


Great to see this!
I’m not sure if this is a socket? what kind of funding mechanisms are you proposing?

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The idea is to fund the proposal under the recently created “Maintainers” category. See the Contributions - Path to Impact thread under “POKT Network Grants.”

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Hey @zaatar - glad to have your attention to detail + editing skills across the org.

I’m confirming that this maintainer grant is open. While the maintainer role is slightly different than a quick grant, I’d appreciate if you opened a grant in karma to track the work (and potentially be eligible for retro PGF) . You’ll want to fill out your first milestone which will be the work you plan to do for April, and to be measured against.

Since it’s hourly work, we’ll make the payment on a rolling basis each month after reporting hours + work in Karma.

Looking forward to working together!