OPEN: 1-click Staking Research Sprint (1-month)

Socket Proposal: Research Sprint for One-Click Staking Implementation


This proposal outlines a research sprint aimed at investigating and developing a framework for a “one-click staking” solution within the Pocket Network ecosystem. This initiative directly supports the ambitions of the 2024 era by enhancing the utility and user experience of the Pocket Network, thereby increasing the network’s adoption and usage. Our work will focus on understanding the technical and user experience requirements for implementing a seamless staking process, engaging with the community for insights, and laying the groundwork for future development.

Supporting 2024 Ambitions:

The “one-click staking” project aligns with POKT’s 2024 ambitions by striving to:

  • Enhance User Accessibility: Simplify the staking process, making Pocket Network more accessible to non-technical users.
  • Increase Network Participation: Lower barriers to entry for staking, potentially increasing the number of active participants in the network.
  • Foster Community Engagement: Engage node runners and stakers in dialogue, incorporating their feedback into the development process, thus strengthening community involvement.

Expected Impact:

The expected impacts of this research sprint are:

  • A comprehensive report outlining the technical feasibility, user experience considerations, and community feedback on one-click staking.
  • Increased engagement from the community through feedback and participation in the research process.
  • A foundational understanding that will guide the development of the one-click staking feature, potentially leading to increased staking activity and network participation.

Planned Work and Previous Relevance:

Our planned work includes:

  • Technical feasibility analysis: Investigate the capabilities of the Pocket Network (both currently and upon the Shannon upgrade) and staking services to understand the potential for implementing one-click staking.
    • Special attention paid to the capabilities of the NodeWallet SDK in regards to 1-click staking
  • Community engagement: Design and distribute surveys to node runners and stakers, conduct interviews, and gather qualitative data on user needs and expectations.
  • Reporting: Compile findings into a comprehensive report, outlining recommendations for the development phase.

Relevant previous work includes: wPOKT, current site and branding, the maintenance and improvement of comparison staking services and ongoing dialogue with the Pocket Network Foundation regarding community needs and network improvements.

Requested Value of Socket: Immediate Impact - $4,000

This amount reflects the scope of the research sprint, including community engagement, data analysis, and reporting over a one-month period.

Commitment to “Default to Open”:

We commit to working in the open and providing regular updates on our progress. All documentation, findings, and reports will be posted to the forum.

Mainnet Multisig for Socket Payments


EDIT: this is just intended to be a 1 month project. We will deliver our report at the end of the 4th week and the socket can close.


Hey @sasquatch - thanks for taking the initiative here. I’m confirming that this is open. I assume you’ll start next week, so we’ll expect a deliverable around May 15th. Please open a grant in - a payment will be made once the research is delivered and impact is reported in Karma.

I also want to note that @SinachPat has done some design work + thought in this area already and it may be beneficial to connect with him.