Nuances to DApp Development

Hey Everyone,

So we are creating an article called “Nuances to DApp Development” we have done a pretty good job as identifying key areas that are worth considering as a DApp developer.

What I am asking of this group is to share some resources on any of the below topics that may help a DApp developer along their way of addressing these concerns.

Or to add to the list with anything that we may have missed.

Feel free to shill any projects you are involved in if it makes sense to here.

  1. Choosing a platform to develop on

  2. De-risking your development(realizing you chose the wrong platform 6 Months later and hating life)

  3. Infrastructure Burdens (single points of failure, setup/maintenance) ((This one we have quite a bit on because of pocket and DBIS but feel free to add to it.))

  4. End-user and cryptoeconomics. (Gas fees are a UX nightmare!)

  5. Debugging and QA in rapidly evolving codebases.

  6. User interfacing with DApp(Portis for example is a good solution here, but maybe there are other nuances within this)

  7. Alignment on motivations(more of a point on messaging/marketing)

  8. Finding the balance of UX, security, scalability, and decentralization.

Thank you!

For a DApp overview of the Ethereum, Eos, Tron, and Steem ecosystems (no Aion, yet), you may find some useful stats in this Dapp Market Report:

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