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I had a few issues. So where I am at now. I have installed a mainnet node using GitHub - BenVanGithub/pokt-validator-configurator: Step by step guide to installing Pocket Network for beginners
I tried putting the sync to run in the backgroup and put my pc to sleep. I am not sure if what i did was right and cant seem to find a way to verify it anywhere either. So when I came back the VM disconnected and i dont seem to find the job that was running in the back ground.
Now I cant even do “pocket start” tells me “2022/01/28 09:33:52 no chains.json found @ /home/czarek/.pocket/config/chains.json, defaulting to empty chains
panic: can’t open files needed for execution. Another instance may be running. path: /home/czarek/.pocket/pocket_evidence.db”

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Hey @cplotczyk, I recommend joining us in Discord at the #node-runner channel. We have a large community there who will be able to help you out.