Micro Nodes (in pocket nodes) Cellular phone #poktNodes Pi network repurpose

I just wanted to throw this idea out there.

Is this something that could be implemented eventually?

It would certainly decentralize the network with devices spread all across the planet.

The PI Network could be bought out by the PoktDAO and repurposed. These 29 million cellular devices are just running on the promise of future possibilities.

The Pi token isn’t even exchangeable yet.

I’m not sure it ever will be, but while this app is still running on people cell phones we could utilize this network. I’m sure the DAO could find enough tokens to pay for this takeover!

I just wanted to put the idea out there, maybe the team could see a way to integrate.

I’m thinking of this kind of in the vein that TRX aquired BitTorrent and then building it into BTT.

Seems like this could create unbreakable decentralization and also give birth to a grass roots network that could be scaled into many tens of millions of micro Nodes. Rebrand Pi into #PoktMicroNode or #PoktRocks kinda catchy!

Is something like this possible?

Having 29 million devices online already with the Pi app.
It seems to me that one could just scrap the existing Pi software and overwrite it with on fell swoop simply by uploading an update to the Google play store!?

I’d love to hear some ideas on how this might be achieved.

Thank you!

Possible - ya I don’t doubt it with some creativity in core code base but going back to survival of the fittest, these type of nodes won’t benefit us as a network. We want to stay competitive with other centralized blockchain as a service providers, so performance and latency is important.