[INTRODUCTION] Pocket Network South Korea Community Hub Hub

Welcome to the Pocket Network South Korea Hub! :tada:

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest initiative, the Pocket South Korea Community Hub! :kr: This vibrant, central gathering place is designed especially for the South Korean region, offering a variety of activities and services tailored to the local community.

Our primary goal with Pocket South Korea Community Hub is simple: to build stronger connections between Pocket Network and the people we serve. :globe_with_meridians: By focusing on regional communities, we can better understand their unique cultures, languages, and growth opportunities. In South Korea, we’re committed to “speaking their language,” with content and outreach efforts that resonate with our local audience.

The Pocket South Korea Community Hub is all about driving awareness of Pocket Network within the South Korean community! :rocket: By uniting people, offering valuable resources, and promoting a sense of togetherness, the hub is set to spark local growth and create lasting relationships within the region.

As we continue to expand our global presence, we believe initiatives like the Pocket South Korea Community Hub are key to building a more inclusive and diverse network. :earth_africa: So, come on board and join us on this exciting journey! Let’s grow together as a community. Welcome to Pocket South Korea! :confetti_ball:

:raised_hands: Big shoutout to @Ming for giving us the awesome chance to bring Pocket to South Korea! :kr: We’re stoked to dive into this cool new adventure and make a real difference in the local crypto scene. Let’s get ready to create something amazing together! :sunglasses::rocket:

about us:
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Very excited to have you guys now officially as one of the launch hubs, after already supporting the Korean community with the unofficial telegram, which will now now be rebranded for the hub! LFG!!!


We are truly honored to have been officially designated as one of the launch hubs, particularly after our steadfast support for the Korean community through the unofficial Telegram channel. :kr: As we now move forward with rebranding the channel for the hub, we express our deepest gratitude for this esteemed opportunity. Let’s work together to achieve great milestones! LFG! :pray::star2:


It’s great to have your Hub started. We sure to build and cover the globe



Welcome South Korea!!!
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