Infrastructure support - Testnet Experiment

We’ll provide pocket network infrastructure support on the following items:

  • Maintenance of testnet
    6 RPC nodes
    4 Seed nodes

  • Maintenance of mainnet seeds
    4 Seed nodes

  • Opensource the deployment tooling for the mentioned infrastructure

  • Testnet faucet

  • Automatic CI/CD for testnet new releases under specific testnet branch

  • Publish publicly monitoring metrics regarding the mentioned items

Type of Socket:

  • Experiment: $1-3K, paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment

Duration: monthly review

I will update any work related on this topic and/or in the below links of the repo

below are the tentatives domains and repositories that we are going to use for our work in progress:

530eac19ae1818e8b1122a018876eeaa2ea21248 (POKT address)
0xB8A08cDDE6DDc31F584e8b418B964469eE010956 (ERC20 Address)


Thanks, Socket is open. FYI @jdaugherty

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Until now we have delivered the RPC testnet nodes, seed testnet nodes and mainnet seeds

Below the addresses and URls listed:

RPC testnet nodes

Node addresses:


Testnet seed nodes


Mainnet seed nodes



We’ll be providing CI/CD + GitOPS repos so anything can be changed by just doing PRs and code change directly on the github repo in the next step



Released our pocket build scripting for building mainnet and testnet images. We had to built a specific pipeline for testnet since the new testnet image had other dependencies like the new version of tendermint and that required some hours of development/testing

Released our deployment via a public github with CI/CD/GitOPS

Helped PNI to hunt down rogue testnet infrastructure and finally fine tunned testnet seed nodes with enough peers ready for production usage.

Swapped testnet nodes identity with the existing validators of testnet and deployed new version progressively with the latest version with assistance of Oshanslky


Monthly Update

→ Deployed testnet fauced under

→ Updated mainnet and testnet seeds documentaiton

→ Update to latest pocket version across all of our nodes

→ Added public prometheus dashboard analytics for mainnet seeds and testnet validators/seeds


Testnet Loadbalancer metrics (Network traffic dashboard)

Tendermint metrics (Consensus, blocks, transactions dashboard information)

Node exporter metrics (Instance metrics)

Loki dashboard (Testnet Logs and explorer search)