Inflation control in alignment with "reducing node count"

I am reading, some DAO members or 3rd party node runners, who are running businesses on it, are planning to reduce node count by increasing “Staked weightage” nodes.

I believe, they are doing this to reduce infra cost. But if plain motivation is to reduce cost and not their profit, i suggest to reduce inflation to same % wise…!!! i.e. assuming daily relays at 800M and emission is close to 2.4M pokt/Day. Now if node count goes to 2/3 then inflation should be adjusted to 2.4M * 2/3 = 800k pokt/day.

I know there is “WAGMI” is in play to reduce inflation…!! but if planning to reduce node count suddenly then also need to adjust inflation suddenly…!! no need to wait for wagmi to come into play…!!

So what are you proposing and how to implement? Genuine question.

i already proposed…!! if node reducing is happening then inflation should be cut down to same percentage. Consider example → if daily emission is 2.4M Pokt and if node count reduced by 66% then reduce inflation to 66%, means 800K Pokt/day.