Improving the Failed Requests Dashboard for Devs

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Description of your issue/situation

I’m developing a Python client that submits price data twice a minute (ideally) to an oracle on Rinkeby, later to be used in production on Polygon. I really support the Pokt mission, but the Pokt dashboard lacks the data i need to troubleshoot my Python client’s code. What I would find most useful for troubleshooting my code using the Pokt dashboard would be my most recent failed transactions’ timestamps and the full rpc error.

Why this would be helpful for others

When troubleshooting a client or a front end, dapp developers like myself need to know whether their code is buggy, or if their node is malfunctioning. To do this, the node provider needs to have sufficient monitoring/dashboarding tools to help the developer make this distinction.

For me, this means that, if I have a failed RPC call, I should be able to check the dashboard, see that transaction, and understand when and why it failed. Currently, the Pokt dashboard provides the “Request type”, “Bytes transferred” (not useful at all, at least for me), and “Service Node” (somewhat useful, but I didn’t know how to troubleshoot with it until I asked).

Columns I would find useful:

  • Timestamp (or x minutes ago)
  • RPC error

Thanks for reading, I’d also be interested to hear what other Dapp devs are looking for! And of course, thank you to the Pokt team for the hard work!


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