Improve onboarding smaller networks?

Recently saw chat with delta from why they chose to bootstrap their own API, see The API Proposal IV - Secret Governance - Secret Network

He seemed to know POKT , could even contacted, but not happy overall, see his answers:

What went wrong, how to better communicate and improve onboarding for nacient networks?

It seems that in the first images you were talking to the provider of the current API? No wonder why he would rant about their greatness…

I found interesting the last image,

  • Do you know when they talked to Pocket?
  • What is he exactly referring when saying “you still need the people running the RPCs”?

And I have the same question as you for PNI: Why did this interaction with them when so bad? It makes Pocket look like a scam.

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you can check the TG in Telegram Web

  • when no idea;
  • it seems he refers to secret requiring intel sgx enclaves which have high maintenance even for the native node runners, so that pokt would likely have to use existing secret rpc nodes;

the Q is more general: is there onboarding friction, why is poktscan rpc chart flatline, is it just bear mmh?
idea: make a lowspec rpc variant that has only 2-3 nodes for the network such that pokt is positioned in case it grows, but does not expense too much resources, yet is stable enough to server a few 1000 users, mostly wallet/balance queries?
Some type of ‘experimental incubator’

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