If we support a third Platform in the Pocket CORE M.V.P what should we support and why?

In the M.V.P overview plan Luis has scoped out(if time permits) the development of necessary plugins/sdks to support 1 more network.

Currently we have support for Ethereum and AION.

This forum topic is to decide if we do bring on another platform which one should we do and why.

Two options I think are worth considering are.

  1. Bitcoin - it has the network adoption, and if the codebases are similar enough we may be able to get alt-coins such as litecoin for the price of one.

  2. DASH - having a privacy coin support will be helpful. DASH has large network adoption and a strong go-to-market strategy. Supporting DASH may make us available to their mainstream applications.


Great graphic for considering “dApp adoption” into the equation by @davecrypto on telegram

I believe Bitcoin should be a definite priority for ease of adding in all derivatives

Right but do we know the ease of the derivatives exactly?