Ideas Generated from the Seedling Quest

This topic will serve as an archive of all ideas posted to Discord in fulfillment of the Seedling quest.

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how do we get more eyes on / people playing the POKT Arcade? Social signaling. It’s about doubling-down around the culture of working in public / building out loud. After someone completes a quest and an admin triggers the bot to add the skill/role to the player, then we should follow up with a pre-filled tweet/message for them to tweet out (obvi keep it optional) and have other people FOMO in. This could be organized around other milestones too like leveling up and evolving into new roles and of course joining the Pocket DAO. To make this a frictionless as possible, it might be a good idea to create a spreadsheet of default pre-filled tweets like “I completed the x quest and earned the y skill in the z path #POKTarcade” or “What?! @jackal is evolving! Congratulations! Your Node evolved into a Nodégé! #POKTarcade”. Even better if the bot can automatically reply with a pre-filled tweet link.


So idk if this counts as a unique idea for the Pocket Arcade (because I was involved in its ideation), but I’d like to see prizes implemented, specifically custom profile images that are thematic to the game, that players can toggle between whenever they are feeling more node runnery, or more devy, or more community…y, lol

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I believe there should be a future POKT arcade role focused on builders that are not specifically app developers or node runners (or general community members), e.g. Pocket core contributors, developers of Pocket ecosystem apps, etc. Maybe it’s my inner Celt speeking, but building on POKT arcade, I see space to develop Pocket’s artistic contributions with a whole track focused on ‘Pocket culture’; NFT art, memes, physical SWAG, songs, poetry, writing…

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@shane :

I would be a big fan of having a video explanations and walk-throughs for each phase before they have access to each phase. All the channels can be a big confusing when getting started, strategic intros before new channels are revealed may be a nice UX touch

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