Iam not able to load APP, getting following error message;

Hi there,

Iam not able to load APP, getting following error message (though it shows my APP name for a while);

“Something went wrong
Oh no, the Portal has inexplicably closed! Click Reload to try opening it again. If this issue persists, contact us on Discord”

Please help to resolve this issue.

PS: I have save following info, login ID & password, Portal ID, Secret Key, POKT App Address. Do not remember passphrase. But I can login using my username and password.

Thanks and best regards

Hey @NEOOM, are you still having issues accessing your app?

Thanks for your reply, greatly appreciated!
Yes, still the same issue, its shows APP name for 1~2 seconds then disappears and I get an error message. Please help to resolve ASAP. Do you need APP name to check it?
I would like to invest more but this issue is holding me since more than a week.

Is this an old app that you’re trying to access? Or one that you just recently created?

Also, what browser/operating system do you happen to be on? And is there any chance you could grab a screenshot of this error?