How to get involved in Gnosis’ governance process with Pocket’s proposal of seeking retroactive funding for Gnosis Chain public RPCs

Hi Pocket Community :wave:

I’ve submitted a proposal seeking retroactive funding for our POKT-powered Public RPC endpoints for Gnosis Chain pruned (0027) and Gnosis Chain archival (000C), so I am asking for your support!

Here are a couple of ways you can help:

1 ) Vote “Let’s Do This!” in the Forum Poll

Step 1: Create an Account in the Gnosis Forum

Step 2: Vote “Let’s do this!” in the Community Forum

Optional (but Encouraged) Step 3: Express why you favor this proposal in the reply section

2 ) Purchase a minimum 1 GNO ahead of Phase-3 (i.e. Submitting Proposal to Snapshot)

Their DAO governance is token-weighted so you can directly affect the result of the proposal passing by voting with your GNO.

To vote in a GnosisDAO Snapshot poll, you must hold a minimum of 1 GNO at the proposal’s specified block number¹. Your Snapshot vote will be weighted proportionally according to the amount of GNO held in your participating wallet address at that block time.

If you don’t have any tokens, you’ll find $GNO is available on many DEXs and CEXs, see CoinGecko:

I personally used the built-in MetaMask Swap feature for convenience. It’s handy to have it in your self-custodial wallet before the snapshot proposal goes live, especially ahead of the designated block time.

I’ve bought more than enough GNO in advance to be able to submit this proposal to their snapshot once the results of the forum proposal are in. I’ll announce the results in the reply section as soon as the 5-day voting period ends. Then, the next steps from there!

3 ) Share the proposal on social and chat channels

Here’s an example of what I’ve tweeted:

I’m excited to work with y’all :handshake:

Let’s change the world one blockchain at a time!


Alberto Jauregui

BD @ Pocket Network, Inc.
POKTdao voter

  1. Done
  2. Got my $GNO ready to go
  3. Done



Done :saluting_face:
Lets push this hard!


You know I got you @JaureguiA :saluting_face: