Host custom private/public blockchain


We would need to have a few RPC nodes that is EVM compatible for the public to use. We can provide custom genesis.json. It is a PoA network. Please let us know how can we proceed moving forward.

Pocket Network is a two-sided marketplace. If you want our community to run your nodes, there’ll need to be sufficient RPC traffic for it to be worthwhile for them. How much traffic are you expecting?

Hey @afeezaziz :wave:

We provide such services at Chainstack, feel free to reach out: Contact Us | Chainstack

Hi Jack thanks for nice coop in this group , i am really excited to join as node runner unfortunately dont have engouh Token , i can share half or any option form your DAO to help Stke coin in node . what is the best option you have for us . i can give resources like hardware / cloud platform so i can run a node . which is verymuch interested i am .

Please advice , much appreciated …!!