HOLD: Pocket Education and Marketing

Author(s): Tracie, poktpool

Recipient(s): poktpool

Category: Forward-Looking Imbursement/Socket

# Summary

poktpool has been the leading educator in Pocket and has managed a community of 7000+ POKT holding members. poktpool is asking for a small amount of the costs of providing these services that benefit Pocket and the overall community and ecosystem to be reimbursed via a Socket.

# Background/Motivation

poktpool has played a significant role in educating the community about Pocket Network and promoting Pocket’s adoption. The 50+ infographics created by poktpool have been highly informative and accessible to all members of the ecosystem, helping explain the key features and proposals of Pocket Network in a clear and concise way, including use by Michael O’Rourke in the Pocket investor updates.

poktpool paid in excess of $200,000 USD for the #POKTStorm giveaways that were an early driver of new members to the Pocket ecosystem. Since then, poktpool has continued to manage and promote Pocket to their 7000-member community and the whole ecosystem. Educating members, answering questions, and doing similar ‘modding’ activities to those approved at a $4,000 budget/month in PEP-66 Community Members as Core Contributors.

These activities help promote Pocket and POKT to the broader crypto and investment community. As they offer a clear benefit to Pocket by continuing, poktpool would like to be partially reimbursed to offset the considerable expenses of maintaining these services costs.

# Budget

$3000/month Socket.

# Deliverable(s)

Weekly infographics covering Pocket topics, announcements, and proposals made on the forum.

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I believe that this has not been a valuable Socket and should be strongly rejected. The DAO treasury has increased significantly over the past couple of weeks, but that doesn’t justify spending $3,000 per month for 50 infographics created over the last 2-3 years. I believe such infographics could have been produced for $400-500 per month if PNF writes an open request for it, assuming it’s even necessary. It’s merely a summarized version of Forum posts with no added value.

I think maybe this is not a request for a Socket? It does not follow the template for opening a Socket (ambition, commitment to work in open, provide wallet etc) and follows the proposal format. Socket’s are also expressly for quickly starting new contributions or experiments and this appears to be a reimbursement request.

@TracieCMyers could you confirm on this? If it’s a reimbursement proposal we should update the category so it can have the appropriate debate.

I’ve reached out to Tracie via Discord to update this request to match the template more closely, as well as define the impact + ambitions this would support.

This socket is on hold until we get that update.

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