HOLD: Infographic Development for POKT Network

How You Will Deliver Impact:

This initiative supports POKT Network’s ambitions by significantly enhancing the clarity and accessibility of technical documentation through stylized infographics. By bridging the information gap across various stakeholders, including internal operations, developers, and non-technical users, this project will streamline knowledge transfer and foster a better understanding of POKT technology. This aligns with POKT’s goal to enhance its standing as the most trusted infrastructure brand in crypto, as clear and effective communication is crucial for trust and engagement. The expected impact includes an increase in effective use of the POKT platform, thereby supporting network growth and user satisfaction.

Description of Planned Work:

  • Previous Work: Stakeholders at the PNFT identified inconsistencies and gaps in documentation that hinder effective communication and understanding.

  • Planned Work:

    • Phase 1: Review current documentation to pinpoint complex topics needing infographic representation, identifying the target audience for each.
    • Phase 2: Create low-fidelity infographic drafts to gather feedback on their accuracy and utility.
    • Phase 3: Develop high-fidelity infographics that are consistent with POKT’s brand guidelines.
    • Ongoing Production: Continuously produce and update infographics, ensuring all documentation is clearly represented and accessible.

Requested Value of Grant:

This project falls under the “Immediate Impact” category, with a requested grant amount of $3,000. This budget will cover the initial creation and implementation of infographics, designed to immediately improve the usability and clarity of POKT’s documentation.

Link to Work Storage:

All drafts, final infographics, and related materials will be maintained in a dedicated Figma File. This will facilitate community involvement and feedback, ensuring the resources developed are effectively meeting user needs (link to be provided upon grant approval).

ETH Wallet Address for Stables Stream:



This proposal is designed to align with POKT Network’s strategic objectives for 2024, particularly in enhancing the network’s reliability and trust through clearer communication. By improving documentation accessibility, this project will help solidify POKT’s reputation as a dependable and user-friendly platform, crucial for attracting and retaining developers and stakeholders in the competitive crypto infrastructure space.

Raid Guild Proposal

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What would be the minimum number of Infographics to be completed under this Quick Grant?

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Hey @sasquatch -

We’re going to put this on on hold as we’re looking to evolve our branding and this seems like it would be contingent on that update. Happy to have a sidebar, but we’re looking to make sure we don’t have any duplication of efforts here or put the cart before the horse.

Appreciate you taking the time to write this up and request it, let’s check in mid-June to see where we’re at.