Help - How to cancel an unstake tx?

i need help, i executed by mistake several times a unstake tx and i need to cancel them all, is it posible?
thanks in advance

more questions related to the topic,

  • I have more than one unstaking transaction, does that mean that it will be 21 days per transaction?
  • I cannot do anything, my node is not generating anything and I can not, lets say, assign/use other staking pokts with another node, am i right? I am like completely out of business for 21 days if not more.

so the only solution for me would be to create another account ? Is that so ?

You cannot cancel the unstake transaction. You’ll need to wait the 21 day unstake period then stake again.

Thanks for your reply, in my case i executed by mistake multiple unstake tx, that means that i will have to wait 21 days for each ? i hope no

Yes but the 21 day periods will be carried out in parallel, not consecutively.

ok thanks for your reply