Hardware Wallet Integration (e.g. Ledger, Trezor)


I propose to create a group and trigger discussions and to coordinate integration of POKT in hardware wallets, such as Trezor or Ledger. Such integration would make lots of ‘funds safu’ and wallet interactions much more convenient.


Even though the POKT wallet UI has improved significantly, ability to store POKT on hardware (HW) wallets may be crucial for many users. Being able to set up and manage several wallets and interact with the blockchain safely and efficiently using a HW wallet would improve the overall UX.


Not sure if this topic is to be initiated by the community end but I believe that opening this discussion might lead to a quicker integration of POKT with a HW wallet.


Hello there,

Trezor Might be worth a discussion. Ledger integration however has already been underway and for the most part, simply awaiting for Ledger to officially include it in their App Store. I’ve heard from one of the community calls the hope is it’ll be listed by end of March, but that of course all depends on Ledger.


You are the Man @Ming_Mando_Pepe Ming! Great answer to a great question @stef

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Hi, Just registered is the Ledger app still on course for end of March? Thanks

Hey, is NGRAVE an option too? is that something you are looking into? Cuz i own that wallet.