Governance Transaction Notice – Aug 15th

The following transactions were executed this week on behalf of the DAO.

Gateway Fee Burn

265,681.25 POKT of gateway fees was burned (tx), corresponding with last week’s gateway fees.

Parameter Changes

1. RelaysToTokensMultiplier parameter change

Following PUP-32: ARR, we have updated the RelaysToTokensMultiplier parameter value to 157 (0.000157 POKT/relay) to target a fixed daily emissions value of 220k POKT.

This was calculated based on a Trailing 7-day Avg Daily Relays of ~1.4B, using this calculator. Note that we are doing weekly updates and using a 7-day trailing average, following PUP-29: ACCURATE.

This results in an Effective Annual Emissions of 4.9%, relative to the total supply of ~1.64B recorded on July 10th (the date of the first ARR transaction).

2. ServicerStakeWeightMultiplier parameter change

Following PUP-21, we have adjusted the SSWM parameter to 3.0382, reflecting the average bin of servicers.

DAO Payments

  • ERA Budget (test, remainder) – 15,820,313 POKT of committed spend from the ERA Budget has been moved into a PNF wallet, which can be viewed here
  • ERA Allocation (test, remainder) – 2,953,578 POKT of the ERA Allocation from the previous cycle has been moved into a PNF wallet, which can be viewed here

For more on the ERA Budget, Allocation, and the wallets these are being held in, see this documentation and the update posted by @b3n below: