Governance Transaction Notice – Apr 10th 2023

The following transactions were executed this week on behalf of the DAO.

Parameter Changes

1. RelaysToTokensMultiplier parameter change

Following the FREN inflation reduction program, we have updated the RelaysToTokensMultiplier parameter value to 519 (0.000519 POKT/relay) to target a daily emissions value of 635k POKT (corresponding with the SER emission schedule).

This was calculated based on a Trailing 7-day Avg Daily Relays of ~1.224B, using this calculator.

Note that we are now doing weekly updates and using a 7-day trailing average, following the approval of the ACCURATE proposal.

This results in an Effective Annual Inflation of 15.35%. For reference, the total supply as of Jan 1st 2023 was ~1.51B and the current total supply is ~1.581B.

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