Financial Key Performance Indicators- Pocket Network

To Whom It May Concern-

"We believe that both blockchains and dapps are conceptually similar to traditional marketplace companies. They are internet-native businesses whose services generate fees that is split between the projects’ supply-side participants and owners. These businesses are owned and operated by their token-holders, similar to how companies are owned and operated by their shareholders.

This is why we want to measure and evaluate the performance of blockchains and dapps using financial key performance indicators and correct the misunderstanding—where applicable—of crypto being all about currencies. An increasing amount of blockchains and dapps can be valued by measuring their usage and cash flows."

Token Terminal says, I agree and therefore I quote.

I am attaching a screenshot from Token Terminal; what would it take for the relevant sections of this dashboard to get populated?

Why Token Terminal? Because it has become a popular and must-have tool in our space, and therefore provides us with a standard to begin with instead of struggling to define those at the first place.

I want to stay focussed on financials on this “need”. Before proceeding, I would like to state that I am aware of the differences in transparency obligations between private and public companies in the US and that I am not seeking PNI data.

The objective here is to meet minimum expectations and standards in financial transparency in our space to gain more legitimacy. Moreover, we should figure those metrics out anyway.

Here is a compilation of questions I have asked in the TG channels-

a) So what is revenue for us?
b) What is cost for us? How do we plausibly separate the costs incurred by PNI, PNF and DAO and figure out what goes into the calculations and what doesn’t?
c) Do we give public access to our over/under data between revenue and cost?
d) Is Pocket a commodity or is Pocket a public good, because I have read both? That will have an implication in how we do our financials.
e) Who is accountable to measure and manage this data/sets of data? Will be it the CFO of PNI, qualified resources in PNF/DAO or will it be a combined effort? Could we lay this out clearly?

The above list is not exhaustive and could be cursory. But hopefully it adds some fuel needed to define, extract and publish Financial KPIs and meet the ‘minimum standards’ in this space. That includes enabling dashboards such as that on Token Terminal + more to be filled.

Are there resource related and/or strategic reasons to not start working on this right now? Does this also have to wait until V1 and/or execution of PIP 26?


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HNY @Laxtravels and thank you for the AMA. Couldn’t make it because of timezone but listened to the recording.

I have 2 requests that are relevant to the agenda:

a) To go through the post in the link for the context; will just take a couple of min.

b) If possible, let the community know since when will Pocket be ready to regularly publish all the financial metrics mentioned on the Token Terminal dashboard.

I hope you will agree that the market rightly valuing the token is existential. “Transparency” such as in financial KPIs and narratives around POKT (‘tokenomics’ for lack of a substitute) will be very critical in driving that value in addition to traction on the demand side.

While PNI can’t directly comment on token value, community members can. And hence the motivation behind raising the catalysts/dependencies again and again.

Thank you for your attention, always grateful for such open access to the decision makers.


Great to see that you are advocating for the already established by crypto community business metrics as tracked by TokenTerminal. To compare Pocket Network with other protocols on TokenTerminal only 2 numbers are needed to be collected from PNI and to be accounted for: 1) fees collected by RPC monetization (SaaS, not app stake) and 2) earnings to the protocol (for example: value of tokens burned, sent to the DAO, sent to node runners…). In my opinion fees and earnings to the protocol should be the same for pocket network as, to the best of my knowledge, there are no payouts to third parties. All other data is available on chain to construct a proper dashboard.


Thanks Vitaly, I am still learning and haven’t acquired the skill to do blockchain data reporting/analysis. Otherwise I would have done the god damn thing myself, maybe someday!

But I think I have few ideas about what needs to be done to gain more visibility and legitimacy, and hence the advocacy of these industry standards.

Embedding the Token Terminal thread with all the definitions:

I will include this exchange in the forum-need as a follow up.