Destination tag for POKT wallet

I tried to send POKT from my HUOBI Global account to my POKT Wallet but Huobi is asking for a destination tag; Where to find that tag ? I only have an address for the wallet

You need only the address if you are sending it to your self-custodied POKT wallet. Destination tags are only required if the destination (e.g. an exchange) asks for one.

I also have the same question. Huobi is giving a warning if the tag is left blank. when trying to send to the POKT address. An exchange (Huobi) is asking for one, so is it safe to leave blank or what would be the value if not? thx

update: I made a test withdrawal with minimum amount and blank tag and it made it to my pokt wallet.

Thanks for the update.

Yes, to anyone reading this, you only need the destination tag if the destination (i.e. an exchange) is asking for one. If the destination is the POKT wallet that you hold the keys to, no destination tag is required, the address alone is enough.

Okcoin won’t recognize my wallet address unless I enter a memo, which i cannot find.

It says it is an invalid address unless I enter anything into the memo field.

What’s going on?

Hello Jack.
I’ve been trying to withdraw my POKT from BITGET. They don’t let me do so because they ask for the destination tag or memo. When I try to withdraw leaving the space blank, the one that says “destination tag”, BITGET doesn’t let me withdraw.
What can I do?
Thank you very much for your attention.

You’re not supposed to need a destination tag for withdrawals. I’ll have this investigated further.

Thank you very much for your attention, Jack!
I just want to invest in my node.
I don’t know why BITGET wants a Tag.