DAO Operations - Updates

This topic is created for DAO operations updates. We will provide ongoing updates and announcements here to limit the number of threads needed to understand activations or changes around DAO ops and community contributions

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POPs and Sockets sections created in the forum

We have added the POPs category under build and made the Sockets category public. There is an “About the…” post in each section that provides a description of the section and how to use.

PNF will start adding Pocket Open Priorities (POPs) to provide a transparent, RFP style process for the allocation of priority work. We have already added the Protocol PM role we are hiring for and we will open further priorities for submissions later this week.

PNF has been incubating Sockets over the last couple of months and are now making the program public. You can see the work that has been completed for IBC, Testnet, Design and PocketNews under this category. Socket’s will be made available to any community member as per the Era program and upon approval (hopefully!) of PEP60, but until then the section is read only.

Feel free to post any questions here as replies or to me directly on telegram or discord