DAO Applications - Node Path Criteria Updates


  • Author(s): @Emil_K99, @akap , @George11
  • Parameter: Relay_Station
  • Current Value: 50,000 relays from all Whitelisted Chains
  • New Value: Proof of Transactions for 20 Chains


As we embarked on our journey to become Node Runner members of the DAO, we identified some criteria and trophies that seem to no longer align with the network growth. These requirements are making it nearly impossible to complete the Node Runner path to become a DAO member in a timely fashion. We believe this is also preventing a lot new node runners from trying to begin the process.

Problem Outlined

  • Newly whitelisted chains have far few relays to make it possible for service nodes to achieve 50,000 relay proofs in a timely fashion.
  • As the target is to whitelist 100 chains by the end of the year, every-time a new chain is added Node Runner path applicants are set back significantly in their journeys.
  • Larger node operators that span across different regions have a much easier time achieving this requirement than local bare metal setups - as there are regional differences in terms of relays. Bare metal setup are constrained by their physical locations and cannot easily reach 50,000 relays serviced if those relays are not arising from a region they are functional in.


  • Updating the Relay_Station requirement to represent only 20 different chains.
  • Removing the 50,000 relay requirement.

If I’ve understand your concern correctly, you are under the impression that in order to qualify for a DAO vote under the Node Runner path, you have to achieve Node Runner status, of which one requirement is Relay_Station

You only have to achieve Nodemad status in order to qualify to apply for a DAO vote, and that is very achievable even for a small node runner.

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Thanks for the clarification @SCH , that was indeed the impressions we had because of the way the doc was structured.