Culture Memes

What are Culture Memes?

Memes you can use or add to that are a lighthearted way of keeping people accountable to the culture we have in the Pocket ecosystem.

Feel free to add here whatever makes the most sense to you. Its not a meme if it doesnt stick.


“Docs or didn’t happen”

Reminding people that we pay it forward, by creating and curating useful documentation.

“No notes?.. Noted”

A cheeky way of shaming someone for not taking notes and therefore not paying it forward to the organization.

“Curveball Alert :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

When someone waits until the last minute to provide feedback, and that feedback blows the scope out of proportion and runs the risk of messing up the timeline, rythmn, budget or objectives. Curveballs might not necessarily be a bad thing, but if just like in baseball, they should be thrown every single time.


It would be to ironic to explain this one.

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