Create Visual Assets and Remedy Design Issues

Secure funding for an ongoing visual design retainer that will support POKT in achieving its 2024 goals.

The grant directly supports POKT Network’s 2024 ambitions:

  • Improved Brand Perception: By creating visually compelling assets and addressing design issues, the grant will contribute to enhancing POKT Network’s overall brand perception among developer communities.
  • Increased Awareness: The grant will boost POKT’s visibility and recognition within the crypto infrastructure landscape by developing effective marketing materials and standardized visual language.

Proposed Work:

  • Creation of Visual Assets: Develop high-quality visual design assets tailored for social media and marketing materials, ensuring consistency and alignment with POKT’s brand identity.
  • Design Issue Identification and Remediation: Identify and rectify any existing design issues across POKT platforms, ensuring they adhere to brand guidelines and reflect the desired brand image.
  • Visual Language Standardization: Collaborate with stakeholders to establish and maintain a standardized visual language across all POKT Network communications and platforms.

First Month Objectives:

  • Provide ongoing visual design support to the marketing department, responding promptly to design requests as needed.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review and deep understanding of POKT brand documents, press kit, and strategy to align design work accordingly.
  • Initiate connections, coordination, and collaboration with related service providers to ensure seamless project integration.
  • Identify key stakeholders responsible for access to passwords and ownership of various assets.
  • Conduct a thorough audit of POKT’s technical, informational, community, and social platforms to identify and rectify any graphic errors or poor-quality visuals.
  • Attend community calls and office hours to immerse in the POKT culture, gaining insights into the current status and community dynamics.

Impact Measurement and Reporting:
A monthly report will be posted in this Discourse thread to outline achievements across each objective category, quantified with specific metrics to demonstrate impact.

Asset Management:
Establish a comprehensive archive in Figma for all design assets created during the project.

Previous Relevant Work:

Value of Socket:
$2000 per month for 24 hours of work.
Ongoing retainer, paid and reviewed monthly, contingent on reporting and value-added.

POKT wallet:
ETH wallet:


Thanks for creating this @suede0619 ! Look forward to seeing what you can do!

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