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This proposal aims to create a meetup Playbook Kit for community members and partners to successfully host in-person events. The playbook kit is designed for individuals at all levels of event hosting experience, facilitating the creation, hosting, and production of successful in-person events aimed at introducing the Pocket Network and its co-event partners. This proposal directly supports the 2024 ambitions #2 and #5 by increasing the positive brand awareness and sentiment of the Pocket Network and attracting new talented contributors and builders into the community. The deliverables will include a meetup playbook kit with the following components: checklists, a resource guide, invitation templates, a POKT master slide deck presentation, and a rotating networking slide deck template.

Supporting 2024 Ambitions:

The “Meetup Playbook Kit” project aligns with POKT’s 2024 ambitions by:

  • Contributing to a positive brand image: Building and executing on successful events that will include success metrics on engagement of new contributors to the Pocket Network.
  • Empowerment of partners and the POKT community: To expand the geo-reach through in-person hosted events to build POKT community engagement, the positive brand awareness and to build the skills and networking opportunities for hosts.
  • Attract new contributors and builders to the Pocket Network: Success criteria at three levels of event types to introduce them to the Pocket Network and to become active contributors and builders in the POKT community.

Expected Impact:

The expected impacts this project are:

  • A comprehensive event Playbook Kit that includes all aspects for a host to create a successful co-partner event. Including marketing promotion templates and checklists, event management (pre and during event), and the follow up and next steps with attendees and speakers.
  • To support a positive brand image and awareness of the Pocket Network to new individuals to convert them to active contributors and builders in the POKT community.
  • Increase engagement and feedback from the POKT community on the Meetup Playbook Kit program for future additions and refinement.

Planned Work and Previous Relevance:

My planned work will include:

  • Creation of a detailed playbook kit that includes all aspects of hosting a successful in-person meetup event in any geo-location, and regardless of the host’s event management experience.
    • This playbook will include checklists, feedback survey examples, best practices, invitation templates, POKT master slide presentation and networking rotating slide templates, resources including links to brand kit and merchandise, recommended event hosting sites, set-up and facility recommendations, speaker management, and follow up/next steps for attendees and speakers.
    • Additionally, the playbook will include roles and responsibilities for the host; pre, during and after reporting requirements for fulfillment of each successful event, including success metrics, requirements of the host after the event, and how to upskill hosts for larger events.

Relevant previous work includes: Event management experience on other Web3 projects outside of POKT, including BanklessDAO and MoonDAO, in addition to 10 years experience in general marketing and events management in Web 2.

Requested Value of Quick Grant: Experiment - $2,000

This amount is for the creation and deliverables of a Meetup Playbook Guide, presentation slide templates and regular forum updates for this one month project.

Commitment to “Default to Open”:

I commit to working in the open and providing regular updates on my progress. All updates for this one month project will be posted on the forum. The Events Playbook will be posted on Gitbook, with a link provided in the forum post.


Hey @coffee-crusher -

Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Per our discussions, this grant will be paid out on successful completion of the deliverables + approval from Adz / me.

Please open a quick grant in Karma using the ETH wallet you’d like to be paid to. Here’s a write-up on how to use Karma, and once you’ve completed your milestone we can evaluate + pay out.

Looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out!


Hi @doctorrobinson , thank you so much for reviewing and approving this QG. I’ll open a Quick Grant in Karma and thank you so much for the link to how to use Karma. Thank you!


Update 06/01/24: Posted update on Karma on status of Playbook guide project. See Karma GAP - POKT Events Playbook for more details.


  • Completion of all content for Playbook and posted on POKT GitBooks, including:

    • Templates: Email, Social, Survey and funding request
    • Addition of POKT Events calendar for all geo-DePIN events and creation of an “Events” section on Forum (located under “Build”) on how to submit funding requests.
  • To be completed - currently work in progress by graphic design artist:

    • POAP graphic
    • Social Media & Events registration graphic template
    • About POKT slide with design elements
  • Completed by me after design assets are completed:

    • Update Resource page in Playbook guide with links to graphics
    • Publishing of POAP on

Update 06/17/24: Added graphic designs for POAP, Invitation and social promotions to Resources guide.

Completed project as signed off by Adz. See more details of this project at: Karma GAP - POKT Events Playbook

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Approved and completed. Thanks for your work @coffee-crusher - excited to see these popping up!