Community Chains is Live

Community Chains is now open for public use!

Anyone can get permissionless access to global chain nodes by going to the Community Chain’s Portal:

Key Features:

  • Permissionless for POKT node runners
  • Access to top chains
  • Automated Payment (everything is settled in POKT)
  • Full API control (automate how and when your nodes use CC)
  • Chain nodes are operated by runners in the POKT ecosystem

Check out the Documentation to get started with using Community Chains.

Video Walk through

(Community Chains Walkthrough (For POKT Node Runners) - YouTube)


This is a great service.

Thank you @shane for your ongoing community contributions.


New Community Chains Feature:

Each chain shows which region it is currently supported in.

We are gearing up to launch many more chains and this feature will enable node runners to know which chains they can use in each region.

In some cases there may not be a need for a node runner to spin up a chain in a specific region if there are nodes already on CC. This could be a way for some to reducing their infra costs and better utilizing existing chain nodes from other providers :thumbsup:

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