Community Call - 07/30/2021


Portal Demo -

  • Network Overview

  • Application Setup

    • Available Network + Beta Leak (Polygon)
    • Basic Auth
    • Whitelisting user-agents & origins.
  • Background magic

    • Not really magic, you can see everything in Github its open-source.
    • Prestaked a bunch of apps for the Portal.
  • EthereJS Load Balanced Endpoint

    • Definition of Load Balanced Endpoint in the context
      • Staking many “apps” to a single endpoint
        • So if you up your usage, you can use the same endpoint
    • More details
      • Type of calls
      • Success rate
      • Service nodes that actually served.
  • Interesting buttons in app security settings.

    • Notification service
      • Alerts of application usage.
    • Have the ability to switch chains
      • Once a week.
  • Q/A

    • None

PoktScan Block Explorer Demo (Jorge)

  • Indexing all of pockets data
  • (still in development)
    • Dashboard
    • Nodes
    • Transactions
    • Applications
    • Accounts
    • Blocks

Long term goal is that there will be different views for different stakeholders of the network(Apps, Investor).

  • Using analytics functionality
  • Add an API

Idea is that the data is fixed, so I want to add a corresponding database that will help in your understanding of Pocket depending on your perspective for analysis.

Very early stages, how can we apply machine learning into this data?

  • Possibility for predicting other things associated with Pocket.
    • Don’t want to make it sound like you are predicting the behavior of pocket in the network.
    • Particular areas, detecting failures.
      • Data is not 100% clean.
    • Introduction of new chains into the mix
    • Will share a paper for feedback

Is this applicable with other chains?

  • Yes, this could be replicate with different chains
    • Perhaps have a dashboard with different chains.

Sign in and connect with the Discord account.

  • Validate a node, and type a command in discord to communicate with discord.
  • Better notification systems with webhooks.

Node Pilot -

  • New functionality

    • Remote nodes for ethereum
      • Can select external
        • If running pocket we don’t want to send calls to another service.
        • More so if you have a node in another instance.
    • Porting chain data from a different source than Node Pilot.
    • Want a key feature to have your configuration and port on any machine.
      • Probably if you setup custom directory, node pilot will assume that structure exists.
  • Goal is V.1 in the next few months.

Q/A for clarification. BenVan when you say Ethereum are you referring to basically Geth stuff?

  • Can you support a remote xDAI and Fuse as an example
  • Not right now. Because our focus is node library, to streamline all node deployments period.
  • Chris J. On syncing the data node itself, is there a plan to run a compressed data store to help speed up the syncing process?
    • Shane: There are official backups available. Node Pilot’s file structure can allow for you to port it easily manually.
      • Will be a little different for every node.
        • Specifically Pocket Network
          • Shane: Very possible, coming feature after v.1 is released.