CLOSED: POKT Docs Maintenance and Improvements Socket


  • Author(s): @PSkinnerTech
  • Recipient(s): PNF (Pocket Network Foundation)
  • Category: Developer Documentation
  • Implementer(s): @PSkinnerTech (and select members)
  • Asking Amount: $3000 per month


This proposal outlines the establishment of a dedicated Socket for the consistent maintenance and improvement of the POKT Network’s developer documentation, ensuring its accuracy, relevance, and user-friendliness for developers.


With the transition of the POKT Network’s developer documentation to Gitbook, there’s an increased opportunity for community involvement. However, this also brings the need for consistent and expert oversight in integrating contributions, maintaining quality, and ensuring the documentation is current and comprehensive.


The Socket, under the guidance of @PSkinnerTech, is essential for the continuous improvement of the developer documentation. The focus will be on not only keeping the documentation up-to-date but also enhancing it with engaging and informative content.


  • Content Creation: Each month, I commit to developing two video explainers, two written tutorials, and/or one starter kit. These materials will be aimed at enriching the developer’s learning and engagement with POKT Network.
  • Pull Request Maintenance: I will consistently review and maintain Pull Requests made by community members, ensuring that contributions are promptly and effectively integrated.
  • Monthly Reporting and Review: My work, including content creation and PR maintenance, will be reported and reviewed at the beginning of every month.
  • Metrics and Success Measurement: The success of this Socket will be measured through available analytics, core team feedback, and community feedback. This will ensure that the improvements are cost-efficient and have a tangible impact on improving the developer documentation.


This Socket proposal represents a comprehensive plan to enhance the POKT Network’s developer documentation significantly. By creating valuable educational content and maintaining high documentation standards, this initiative aims to improve the overall developer experience and foster greater engagement with the POKT Network. Community feedback and suggestions are highly valued to ensure the success and continual improvement of this initiative.

Note: It’s important to close and state that I’ll be open to collaboration with other currently open and proposed sockets that may benefit from collaboration. Revisions may be made in the future depending on how collaboration develops over time.

More on @PSkinnerTech:

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Hi! If you meant to apply for funding via Socket, please change the category of the topic to # Build: # Sockets


Hey @bruceyin,

This isn’t for reimbursement, but for ongoing maintenance and improvements of POKT Docs.

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Thanks for your reminder! I amended it to “funding”.
I also changed the category of your post to Socket, but you still need to amend it (e.g. delete “proposal” from the post) to align with Socket


Thanks for doing that!


@PSkinnerTech excited to have you officially socketed in!

As we’ve discussed, PNF will be leaning on your experience to make our docs best in class, and work with existing sockets to keep improving.

This may include infographics, animations, video tutorials and more.

As your socket is on the higher end of them, keep in mind that impact is going to be valuable here, so not just creating content but making sure it’s the content the community (and future users) need.

And because this is opened before the 25th, we’ll expect a monthly update for December. Due to the holiday I won’t be reviewing until Jan 3, so you’ve got a couple extra days this month, but typically we’ll want them by the 1st. Keeping in mind that it’s a short review cycle, some updates around organization + prioritization would be a great start.

@b3n this is officially opened.

Community please follow along + contribute in discord socket thread Documentation Updates | PSkinnerTech & Mzynga


Monthly Recap #1: December

The socket was officially opened just before Christmas, I spent most of my time planning and shooting video.


January Plan:

  • Release 2 Tutorial Videos
  • Release 1 Starter Kit
  • Colaborate with Patrick & Mzynga to produce more updates and infographics.

Thanks for the update Patrick!

This socket remains open for January, and Ben will get you set up on the payment stream next week.

re: next steps - very excited to see some video documentation coming out. I’d love to see a very basic of a roadmap in the next update, as you’ll have a couple other individuals working with you to get the docs up to speed.

Additionally - I’m asking all open Sockets to join us next Thursday for the Builders All-hands. I’d like to encourage people getting paid via the DAO to know what’s going on with the protocol, and have a forum to ask questions and cross pollinate, especially as docs are crucial. Matteo will run the first half w/ developers & protocol, and then I’d take the second half to review sockets work and unblock you and anyone else. The ultimate goal here being more cross-pollination and collaboration, so looking forward to you showing up and sharing on Thursday!


Per Socket reporting requirements we haven’t had an update for January, so we’ll be closing this socket down for February.

For the community - Patrick and I had a conversation and he’s joining the Arweave ecosystem as lead devrel. I want to wish him good luck in the new gig, and thank you for the work you did to help with the docs + supporting PNF as we migrated websites.

If there’s ever any opportunities to cross-collab, you know where to find us!


Re the videos “How to use Public RPCs with Metamask” and “Using POKT RPCs in your Next.js dApp,” are these now ready? If not, can they be completeted - if necessary, by someone else? Same query applies to Starter Kit: “Next.JS App with POKT RPCs.”

BTW, sad to see you go. Best of luck with Arweave!


I’m happy to pick these video ideas up for my socket. In the context of my strategy, they seem like high priority topics in March, after ETHDenver is over and opportunities for win-win partnerships exist but with lower urgency.

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More a case of “pick up where PSkinner left off” since the video on “How to Use Public RPCs with Metamask” is already recorded but needs a bit more editing, while the script outline has been written for the other video. Re the starter kit, it’s mostly done, but needs finalizing.