CLOSED : Developer marketing: starter repos, tutorials, partnerships, oh my!

Hello everyone :wave: I’m Derrek, a front-end dev and community builder at RaidGuild. I’ve been stoked to see all of the cool things Sasquatch and the team have supported this year, like wpokt, gatewayverse, and the website. After a few helpful conversations with @doctorrobinson, I’d like to offer my skills in service of the POKT community as well. I welcome any and all feedback on strategy, execution, and other opportunities to stretch the value of these efforts even further.

tl;dr: I’d like to make POKT the de facto RPC for new projects by creating starter kits, youtube content, and written tutorials that integrate POKT with other protocols, achieving win-win growth with other organizations’ marketing and DevRel initiatives.

  1. Ambition

Ambition #2: Pocket has the most trusted infrastructure brand in crypto (awareness)

Ambition #4: Shannon is the most successful new protocol launch ever (timing)

I’d like to make POKT the default RPC of choice for devs at hackathons and starting their dapps by creating starter repos they can use - especially at the upcoming ETHDenver!

A few thoughts informing the strategy and execution:

- Short-term value: Since the short-term target is empowering builders at ETHDenver (to use POKT), I’ll create separate repos that each integrate and show off a specific sponsor’s tech. That gives sponsors an incentive to share with their networks and builders an incentive to use these repos if they’re tackling the sponsors’ bounties during the hackathon.

- Long-term value: The main deliverable here is middle-of-funnel content for web3 devs: code, videos, and docs. These have long-tail value for builders and protocols compared to other forms of marketing, such as X threads and newsletters. My hope is that each of these artifacts bring value to the POKT network for many months. I intend to work with Zak and Adz to quantify and report these metrics, though I would like to reemphasize that by its nature this kind of work takes time to show its full value.

- Empowering devs: I intend to use scaffold-eth 2 as the base repo because their builder community is wildly talented and the repo has a modern stack out of the box for quickly iterating on dapp ideas (NextJS, RainbowKit, Hardhat, Wagmi, Viem, and Typescript).

- Creating win-wins and new partnerships: The best-case scenario is these repos show off other protocol’s tech (while having POKT integrated) so their ecosystem benefits from promoting the material too, such as on their socials or in their docs and repos. This would help POKT reach new devs in other communities, increasing its long-term reach with no extra overhead. Delivering value to these communities seems like a great way to nurture a relationship, one that may return dividends in retweets, newsletter announcements, and other forms of amplification.

- Pace and frequency: My conservative estimate is one set of materials per week (repo, video, corresponding written docs or blog). This might stretch to two per week as I get accustomed to the workflow.

  1. Type of Socket:

Experiment: $4k per month, paid and reviewed monthly through the end of February. After ETHDenver (mid-March) I’ll reflect on my progress, including partnership traction and hackathon usage, giving us a chance to evaluate its impact.

  1. Commitment to “Default to open”.

I will work in the open and self-report monthly. :raising_hand_man:

  1. I’ll post links to everything I create here. I can scale that to a GDrive-type structure if/when circulating content to other teams becomes part of the workflow.

  2. Wallet address for Socket payments

POKT: 93deaa6e9a8c66874267ec5623aed80a931a9af7
ETH: 0x9f0bcf3a42179E8be12cd125B3209b8BE9826Fb7


Hey Derrek,

This socket is OPEN starting today.

You will be expected to report on your work end of month, and being that this is a high $$ socket you’ll be expected to show impact over the next 10 days, via your self-set deliverables. If you haven’t seen this post on Sockets, please read up on it. I’ll be migrating that info into the sockets category in the next day so all new sockets can see.

Since you’re a new contributor, we’ll need to evaluate your impact at the end of the month before issueing payment. If you show that you’re delivering impact, we’ll issue a single back payment around the 1st of the month and set you up on a pay-stream going forward.

Now that we’re through the business, I’m excited to have you on board creating tools and kits for us! I’d highly recommend reaching out to @shane for a quick conversation before getting started here, he may have some useful insights to make this socket even more impactful.


Thank you, Zak. Those payment terms seem very reasonable to me. I look forward to supporting the community!

@shane, did you see my Discord message? I’d love to sync when you have a chance.



Phew! Onboarding to the POKT ecosystem was a steeper learning curve than I expected. Now that I’ve got the lay of the land and my production workflow dialed in, I expect a faster production rate next month.

I’m happy to say that I did some light BizDev, fishing around for ETHDenver sponsors that would explicitly be willing to circulate these links using their official channels. Several community mods and DevRel staff at Metis (Presenting Sponsor, the highest tier) agreed ahead of time, so I chose deploying to their L2 as the topic of this first tutorial.

Distribution so far

  • Posted in the Discords for Metis, ETHDenver, and POKT
  • Posted in the Telegram groups for Metis and ETHDenver
  • Posted on X, tagging scaffold-ETH, Metis, Nodies, and POKT.
  • DM’d example copy and links to Metis team members on Discord, Telegram, and X.
  • Shared with @PoktNews :heart:

I’ll report on the immediate impact (impressions, etc) during my next update so we can all have a better sense of this strategy’s reach.

Copy and links

“From prototype to production, scaffold-ETH 2 makes it easy to deploy smart contracts and front-ends for Metis! Huge thanks to the Nodies team for using POKT to provide RPCs as a public good for us all.”

GitHub: GitHub - derrekcoleman/metis-test: Starter repo for prototyping and publishing smart contracts and front-ends to Metis

Open thoughts

Does anyone know any other protocols that would be a good candidate for this kind of win-win partnership marketing strategy? My early success with Bonus points if they’re a sponsor of ETHDenver, but that’s not a firm requirement.


Very cool!!

Hope the noderunner community have some ideas to share with you on this


Yeah! Excited to see this getting off the ground, just a week or so into the socket. This remains OPEN for February

@derrek there’s a conversation in discord about how we make sure these videos get the biggest reach; i’d love to get your insights there.

I’m also excited to see how the numbers shake out at the end of February as you create more content and we have Youtube insights.

@thedanrodman with your socket around analytics, I see this as a good opportunity to take some of that data and make recommendations for how we get more eyeballs on this work and which communities we lean in to as we are creating more resources. I’d love for you to weigh in here with some of the things you know from your work in the space and with POKT so far.

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Hey all! Mid-month update time.

Drawing on the spirit of Patrick’s closed socket, this video hopes to reach a very broad audience: “How to add RPC urls to your dApp with Hardhat”

By using pocket to solve a problem all Hardhat users eventually face, I am optimistic that this type of technical content has a long tail of organic traffic.

Links to share:

GitHub Gist

Naturally, any amplification (RT on X, posting the YT link elsewhere, etc) would benefit this effort.

I’m circulating this in the scaffold-ETH community as well, a fantastically supportive group of dApp builders constantly shipping new products.

I’d also like to share that I was recently offered a DevRel position at Build on Bitcoin (BOB)! In the interest of fairness and transparency I think we should close this socket immediately - I’m a “one project at a time” kind of fella. That being said, I’ll be prodding pocket to support our OP-stack L2 starting… now! Testnet is already live, with mainnet soon :tm: . Let’s get these builders using pocket from day one :wink:

Thank you all for the support you’ve given me over the last few weeks! An especially big thank you to @doctorrobinson, @Jinx, @shane, @Adrienne, and @b3n for taking the time to orient me to the richness of the pocket ecosystem.


Thanks Derrek - you’ve been great, we appreciate all you’ve done for us over here.

We’ve shut down the grant and wish you and BOB the builder all the best, they’re lucky to have you.

If things ever change, you know where to find us!