CLOSED - Design, UI/UX, Graphics - Experiment

Design, UI/UX, and Graphic work for the Pocket Network.

We will work in the open and self-report monthly on the 1st-3rd of every month.

Socket Classification: Experiment
Duration: To be reviewed monthly
Payout: $3,000 in $Pokt using the 31 day average for the month of March.
• Ritesh - $2,700
• Ethen - $300


• Ritesh: dc5ed46f57d5715906ce2337ee79105838b3e6ee
• Ethen: c62598178b695e10a7a89b242afd45ead702ed79


Week 11 of 2023: March 12-18
• PoktDao Twitter (avatar + banner), accompanying graphics (template for New Proposal Alerts)
• PoktNews Twitter (avatar + banner), accompanying graphics (template for weekly recaps)
• Discord Banner (will rotate to new one monthly or bi-monthly to keep it fresh)
• Reddit (avatar and page)


Relevant details provided and Ritesh wallet can be opened later. Socket Open


Week 12 of 2023: March 19-25
• Event graphics (Node Runners)
• Pokt.Network site research and data collection


Thanks for the update… can we link these here somehow?

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It’s in the figma link in the original post.

I’ve thought about posting the finalized items here, do you think I should do that?
Might be kind of redundant.

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Ah…if it’s already in the figma then no need - Not trying to create more work for you!


After 2 weeks, i also worked closely with Jack and Jinx to work on the website designs.


last month i had been working on :

• PoktDao Twitter (avatar + banner), accompanying graphics (template for New Proposal Alerts)
• PoktNews Twitter (avatar + banner), accompanying graphics (template for weekly recaps)
• Discord Banner (will rotate to new one monthly or bi-monthly to keep it fresh)
• Reddit (avatar and page)

the big one was the
• Website landing page for POKT network

Things is learnt during my first month were:

  1. Getting to know POKT branding in a far better way
  2. Working with Jinx and Jack to get the website built out. This involved some clever thinking for responsive designs, as well as placing different icons / logos , which were in totally different colors and then converting them to monochrome versions.
  3. Creating marketing/helper graphics also lead me to understand a specific art style fit for further usage in the future releases
  4. Also created my own vision for POKT branding for the DAO design contest which turned out to be the winner. I just wish i had more audience

This month and past weeks, i am working on

  1. Community Call Graphic (Weekly on Thursdays 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 7pm UTC) - Discord Events channel
  2. Hubs Logo
    • Africa, South Korea, Latin America, China: Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, Medium (blog), Twitter, Instagram, Discord (channel logo within official).
  3. Discord trophy badge for Ambassador
  4. Graphics for POKT YouTube Explainer Video
  5. DAO Global Hackathon 2023 Graphic
  6. PoktNetwork Weekly Run Down
  7. Pre Proposal Alert
  8. Bounty Alert
    in collab with Ming.

Another major stuff will be
9. Redesigning the forum page for POKT in collab with Jack


Updating all work done in past 2 months.

  1. Lots of Marketing material done, namely:
  • community call graphic options
  • New Chain Integration options
  • Node Runner office hours options
  • Protocol Upgrade graphic
  • Pokt burnt weekly
  • Total POKT burnt graphic
  • Youtube graphic for thumbnails purposes
  • POKT highlights weekly recap
  1. Avatars for different POKT regions
  • POKT Africa, South Korea, Latina America, and China

Thanks for the update @rit . I’ve seem how great many of the marketing materials have been but unfortunately they are not visible to all in the figma linked above. Could you please:

  • include the files in the figma linked above, or
  • provide an updated address where files are stored, or
  • redirect to the #designs channel in discord where the completed work has been shared

Also, for clarity: @ethen has transitioned from this socket after helping establish it, and Rit is now sole owner of this Socket and the rewards outlined in the first post

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Hi Ben, yes sure thing, the figma is

there are multiple pages in the document. all the designs created for marketing are there. the website design was created on a different document which is

and few other resolved work done for figma but have been passed to Ming already for the avatars on different regions


For the month of July, these were done:

  1. General edits to ‘pokt burnt’ graphic and ‘community call’ designs,
  2. POKT mainnet 3rd birthday graphic
  3. 10000 blocks processed graphic
  4. POKT highlights

Brainstorming on POKT forum, studying the project, preparing proposal doc


For the month of August, i have the following observations:

  1. General edits to ‘pokt burnt’ and other small requests.
  2. “POKT X Ledger” graphic created / edited…
  3. Call and Discussions with Adrienne to cover some grounds related to proper use of brand guidelines, creation of concepts which needs to be away from the generic presentations etc.
  4. Created some options for twitter banner “Unstoppable Open Data” (work in progress)
  5. WPOKT, discussions with Adrienne and creating some options for the logo.
  6. Making the roadmap graphic better (currently working)

After discussion with @rit & @Adrienne this socket is now closed.

Thanks for all the work and experimentation.

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